Exterior. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

In a general sense, when a house is described as ‘custom’ there’s a preconception that it’s going to have something really one-off that other houses in the neighborhood don’t- such as a screening room or wine cellar. For this house, it means more along the lines of granite countertops n the kitchen and a fire pit in the backyard. These are the type of custom additions that are nice to have, but keep the prices closer to the median than something like an additional story or extended garage would.

Windsor is a fairly young town, and it’s expanding with a downtown that offers shopping, dining, artisan breweries, and plenty of parks to take the kids to. This house is within walking distance to many of these amenities, making it a good choice for a family with kids or someone who wants to be less dependent on a vehicle.

The weather is one of the draws to Windsor, and this house has a backyard that allows for plenty of opportunities to take part in outdoor entertaining. Whether hosting a barbeque or a birthday party, this house may be a good choice for a starter home or for someone looking to relocate to Sonoma County. Scroll through the images and see what you think…

424 Godfrey Dr, Windsor - $723,000 - 3 beds, 3 baths, 2,326 square feet. Year built: 1991


Entryway. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

Walking in, you could decide to head to the living room to relax and entertain guests, or after a busy workday head upstairs right away to change.


Living room. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

The living room is spacious and includes a log-burning fireplace, great for warming the room without running up a gas bill.


Den. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

If you work from home, there’s a downstairs office space.


Kitchen. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

When you’re ready for a break, the kitchen is sizable and features a counter to eat at, or a casual dining area off to the side. The granite countertops and new flush stove are part of the custom additions.


Kitchen. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

Looking out from the kitchen, there’s a small seating area and dining table along with a sliding glass door giving access to the backyard.


Master bedroom. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

This master bedroom has a reading area that doubles as a library, with the ability to store books underneath.


Bedroom. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

The second bedroom has plenty of room and looks like a restful place to get some sleep.


Backyard patio. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

Heading outside, the concrete patio has a built in brick fire-pit and plenty of room for entertaining. 


Backyard deck. (Photo: Home Smart Realty)

The deck and pergola have been set off to the side, and from this vantage point you can tell that the umbrella has been equipped with a small area for snacks or drinks.

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