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About seven months after they were first proposed, stop signs will be going up at the intersection on North Cloverdale Boulevard and North Street. An announcement from the Cloverdale Police Department on Monday, June 22, said the signs will be installed on June 23 in the early afternoon.

“The stop signs are being installed as a means to enhance traffic safety at the intersection where school-aged children are often present and utilizing the crosswalk while on their way to school,” the release states. “The city of Cloverdale and Cloverdale Police Department recognize the importance of pedestrian safety and strongly advise motorists to be extra cautious at all intersections within the city.”

The issue of putting a stop sign at the North Cloverdale Boulevard and North Street intersection came up during a joint city and school board meeting. The signs were suggested in place of continuing the crossing guard program, which for 20 years has been the primary way of promoting safe speeds at the intersection during school hours.

The crossing guard program has been difficult to staff from the side of the police department.

“My first thought was, if it’s a stop sign that’s creating this (disciplined driving) and motorists are being disciplined to do it, why aren’t we looking at the possibility of placing stops signs at this intersection to help alleviate the issue of the challenges of finding a crossing guard at this location,” Chief Jason Ferguson said during the November 2019 meeting.

During the November meeting, Cloverdale school superintendent Jeremy Decker said that the staff at Jefferson Elementary was still interested in having a crossing guard at the crosswalk. If the district staffs a crossing guard by itself, it would cost approximately $3,900 per year compared to the $18,000 that the district contributed to help co-fund the police department’s crossing guard program.

Those in the vicinity of North Cloverdale Boulevard and North Street on June 23 can expect delays starting at 6 a.m. Officers from the Cloverdale Police Department will have an additional presence in the area to enforce traffic laws, as residents get used to the addition of the stop signs.

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