ALL YOU NEED IS THE BEATLES — Bob Lee will be leading a Beatles discussion group at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance.

New study group tackles the songs of music legends

The music of The Beatles is coming to town. Starting on June 13, a music study group will have its home at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance (CAA) on the second Thursday of every month. Each group meeting will deconstruct, learn the history of and learn how to play two Beatles songs.

A self-proclaimed “Beatlemaniac,” local musician Bob Lee will be heading up the sessions.

First up on the list of songs? Two from “Rubber Soul.” Lee isn’t sure which tunes they’ll tackle first — before deciding, he wants to get a feel for what group participants want to tackle first — but he’s specifically looking forward to deconstructing “Drive My Car” and “Nowhere Man.”

Since the songs won’t be decided before the session, Lee is planning on using the first meeting as an introduction to the album.

“They have a video projector down there,” Lee said. “For the first one, I may just run the video of Scott Freiman’s deconstructing ‘Rubber Soul,’ which is a lecture about the album.”

The musician hasn’t led a group at the CAA before, but said that he’s been going to the alliance’s music groups since they began. Based on the different programming he’s attended, Lee figured that CAA would be a good home for a group devoted to the Beatles, and approached them about hosting one.

When asked what draws him to the band’s music specifically, Lee initially answered with a blunt: “Because they’re the best.”

“I’m almost 70 years old and I remember when The Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan. I consider that the day I woke up,” he said. “I was sort of sleepwalking until I heard them. I was a huge Beatles fan in my teenage life and always have been.”

He’s particularly looking forward to being able to tackle the remastered versions of the tunes, since more nuances are now noticeable in the recordings.

While the group will be breaking down the actual mechanics of how to play each song, Lee said that even non-musicians are welcome to join in on the discussion.

“I’m hoping to get players of all rock band instruments and singers who don’t play instruments,” he said. “I’m expecting probably guitar players and probably a drummer or two, but also people who are just interested in the music, who don’t want to play and just want to observe, that’s fine.”

The Beatles Study Group will be held on the second Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance, 204 N. Cloverdale Blvd.

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