At its next meeting, the Cloverdale Unified School District Board of Trustees is scheduled to discuss a few issues of note. Namely, the reopening of schools, approval of the district’s proposed budget and protocol for summer sports practice. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 24 at 6 p.m. over Zoom. For the full agenda packet, click here.

Following up from its meeting on June 17, the board will be reviewing the district budget for approval. During its last meeting, the district decided to submit a budget that will likely have to be amended during a 45-day revision period following the release of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget. The board decided to create an initial budget without significant cuts, due to the changing nature of the governor’s budget and the impact it’s projected to have on school districts.

The board will also be having a discussion surrounding the reopening of district schools. How the district is allowed to reopen largely depends on where the county is at with its reopening, as well as how the district is able to accommodate certain shelter-in-place-related protocols, like social distancing, in the classroom and around its campuses. Outgoing district Superintendent Jeremy Decker is one of a handful of Sonoma County district heads that have worked as a group to help advise the Sonoma County Office of Education on its reopening guidelines, which were released on June 12.

Included in district reopening plans is protocol surrounding how to navigate high school sports. The California Interscholastic Federation recently released its guidelines regarding summer practices, and the board will receive a presentation about the guidelines. Included in the practice protocols is daily symptom and temperature checks, athletes wearing masks when not engaging in “cardiovascular endurance activities,” and other protocol.

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