Cemetery desecration

Incident is still under investigation

On Jan. 20 the Cloverdale Police Department responded to a report of suspicious circumstances at Cloverdale Cemetery — a gravesite had been disturbed.

The granite slab on the top of the site had been broken, and the marble support base had been cracked. The lot disturbed is the “Dineen” lot that sits at the top of the hill in the cemetery.

According to Sgt. Chris Parker, the vandalism occurred between Jan. 17 and Jan. 20 and was reported to the department on Jan. 20. Parker followed up with Public Works on Jan. 22. It then worked with the Sons of the American Legion to help repair and secure the graves.

“I went up there Wednesday … it was open about 18 inches,” said Al Delsid from Sons of the American Legion, explaining the damage that had been done to the crypt.

They used epoxy to put together the grave’s marble support base, as well as replaced the marble slab that covers up the crypt.

Whoever damaged the crypt did so by using pipe railing from a gravesite nearby.

When Delsid posted photos and information about what had happened to the site on the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 293 Facebook page, people commented in droves, both giving thanks to the American Legion and the city for fixing the damage and questioning why someone would try and destruct a gravesite.

“Thank you all for the wonderful comments. We sincerely appreciate all your support and concern you have shown for our cemetery. This is one of the great jewels in our community. As many of you know, about a year ago, someone tried digging into one of the grave sites,” replied the legion. “We (used to have) cameras in place but since it was on a dark night, all that could be seen were lights and dark shadows. These cameras were stolen about six months ago.”

The incident is under investigation, and those with information are being asked to contact the Cloverdale Police Department at 707-894-2150.

— Zoë Strickland

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