NEW IN TOWN — Savanah Hemphill and Neena Hanchett sit in front of the recently installed community board.

The Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the city of Cloverdale, has launched a community notice board. The board, which sits in front of city hall, will house information and event posters from nonprofits.

Beyond the board being part of the chamber’s agreement with the city, Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Neena Hanchett said that the chamber hopes the board will make things easier for people roaming about town — both those who are looking for information, and those trying to display it.

“To clear business windows cluttered with the same posters,” she said. “It becomes a focal point for people walking through town. Organizations don’t have to do as much printing of flyers, posters, etc. and because they’re not in every window, the posters stand out, in my seasoned opinion. And we’re right next door, if people have questions.”

The space on the board is subject to the same rules the chamber had used for the flyers they put in their windows — event posters from nonprofit businesses and organizations in Cloverdale are welcome. While the flyers sit behind locked glass, those looking to have something placed behind the doors can go to the chamber offices next door. The folks at the chamber will also be maintaining the board and taking flyers down as the events occur.

Going forward, Hanchett said that the chamber is interested in putting a similar board down at the south end of town at Furber Plaza, but that they haven’t made any official arrangements or agreements.

“The community board is one of the deliverables that the chamber proposed as part of our funding agreement with the city,” Hanchett said. “We asked for and received funding, and for that funding we produce community events, promote the ‘eXperience Cloverdale’ brand, provide business support, etc. The city does not have personnel to do marketing and branding, which is why we became that ‘arm’ in 2017.”

The board was put up by the city on Thursday, July 18 and on Friday, Hanchett said that she had already seen a fair share of people stopping by and reading the various flyers.

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