Cloverdale city hall

Cloverdale City Hall. Photo Zoë Strickland

Emergency declaration closes city hall to the public

The city of Cloverdale has declared a local state of emergency Sunday, March 15, the city announced in a press release Monday morning.

The local emergency declaration came on the heels of the county of Sonoma announcing the first two cases of community spread of COVID-19, a novel coronavirus in the county on Sunday night. The first case is related to someone who works at Rohnert Park Health Center and the second case announcement included no additional information about the patient.

The state of emergency was declared by David Kelley, city manager and director of emergency services for the city. While the Cloverdale City Council has to ratify emergency declarations, Kelley did not immediately respond when asked when the council plans to meet.

“Conditions of extreme peril warrant and necessitate the proclamation of a local emergency to enable the city of Cloverdale and other local government entities to adequately plan, prepare and pre-position resources to be able to effectively respond to the threat posed by COVID-19, and to warn city of Cloverdale residents and visitors of the threat posed by COVID-19 and to enable them sufficient time to plan and prepare,” states the press release.

Cloverdale has joined numerous other cities in the county who have declared a local emergency, including Healdsburg and Sebastopol.

As a result of the declaration, Cloverdale City Hall is closed to the public.

“During this emergency, the city of Cloverdale is taking unprecedented action to help limit community spread and keep our employees safe,” states the announcement. “It is critical during this emergency that our small dedicated staff of professionals focus on carrying out essential functions to ensure vital services (police, water, sewer) continue.

In a press release about the second positive case of community spread, the county said that it anticipates having more confirmed cases of community spread. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Community spread means people have been infected with the virus in an area, including some who are not sure how or where they became infected.”

In addition to the two positive cases of community spread, Sonoma County has two local patients who tested positive for the virus after being on the Grand Princess Cruise 10-day voyage to Mexico in February, and another non-county resident who tested positive and was transferred to Sonoma County from Travis Air Force Base.

Cloverdale residents who need immediate city assistance are being encouraged to call 707-894-1701. For information about the closure of city hall, visit the city’s website: and for information about COVID-19 in Sonoma County, visit


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