Thyme Square

Land will potentially be given to Integrated Community Development in return for a park at Baumgardner Ranch

As part of its overall conversations with the developers of the Baumgardner Ranch property on the south end of Cloverdale, the city has entered into discussions with Integrated Community Development (ICD) to potentially give the developer a portion of the city’s Thyme Square property.

Should the entities reach an agreement, ICD would be able to develop Lot A of Thyme Square, which sits on the corner of Healdsburg Avenue and South Cloverdale Boulevard.

The discussion was initially proposed in return for ICD removing eight single-family units from its development in favor of putting in a park. After further discussion with the council, ICD agreed to take out the eight units in favor of developing a park regardless of if the city enters into an agreement to hand over Thyme Square. However, both the developer and the city are still moving forward with discussions to transfer over part of the property.

“In exchange for the possibility of developing at the Thyme Square site, Integrated Community Development would reduce the number of units in the Baumgardner project and create a park within the project. At this point we don’t really have the details ironed out,” Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director Kevin Thompson said. “This is all sort of a new concept at this point.”

The idea to give ICD land in Thyme Square to develop was proposed by Mayor Gus Wolter, but was proposed after the development went through Cloverdale’s planning commission. In essence, allowing ICD to develop the land into a residential area would bolster the housing in Cloverdale’s downtown area while encouraging the developer to incorporate more community space in a development at the other end of town.

During previous conversations about Thyme Square, the city discussed the possibility of a new police station being put in on Lot A. In a December 2019 update Thompson told the Reveille that, due to the cost of building a new police building, it would’ve likely been the last piece of Thyme Square to be developed.

The idea to transfer part of Thyme Square to ICD with the purpose of developing it into high-density residential was favored by the majority of city council members during an Aug. 26 council meeting. During discussions, Councilmember Marta Cruz recused herself since she has property near Thyme Square.

Councilmember Melanie Bagby said that the city giving ICD a piece of Thyme Square to develop would also benefit the city in that it would increase the city’s residential footprint near where its SMART Train station would be, should the train come to Cloverdale. Relatedly, having more housing near the train station would likely encourage and incentivize SMART to continue pursuing an extension to Cloverdale.

Nearly three weeks out from the initial public discussion about pursuing ICD development of part of Thyme Square, Thompson said the city has had a few discussions with the developer, who plans to present city staff with some ideas. However, Thompson said there isn't currently much to report.

To read details about Baumgardner Ranch, click here.




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