Two men were arrested on Saturday, Dec. 1 for conspiracy to commit murder after being involved in a stabbing at Twisted Image Tattoo Parlor in Santa Rosa. One of the men, Baldomero Anguiano-Vazquez, 33, is a resident of Cloverdale. His brother, Jesus Anguiano-Vazquez, 22, of Santa Rosa, was also arrested.

According to a Nixle release from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, the stabbing occurred after a dispute began between the victim, who is an employee at Twisted Image, and the suspects.

“The argument began as the suspects were allegedly verbally disrespecting a woman in the parlor and the employee intervened, at which point Baldomero Anguino-Vazquez pulled a straight blade knife and stabbed the victim in the chest,” reads the report.

The assault was reported at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday night. During the time that deputies were responding to the scene, “another deputy spotted a white Jeep which matched the description that the 911 caller had given,” said the Nixle report. “The suspect’s vehicle was heading away from the scene of the stabbing and was stopped by deputies at Yolanda Ave. at the NB 101 onramp.”

From there, the deputies detained the three men in the car. The third person in the vehicle was released after being interviewed by detectives. Baldomero and Jesus Anguinao-Vazquez were both arrested.

The victim was a 28-year-old employee of Twisted Image Tattoo Parlor. When deputies arrived, he had multiple stab wounds on his chest. The victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital for surgery and is in stable condition.

According to the report, all suspects in the stabbing have been contacted and arrested. People with more information about the incident are asked to call the Violent Crime Investigations Unit at 707-565-2185.

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