Cloverdale Police logs

Cloverdale Police logs

Cloverdale Police Department

The following are excerpted from Cloverdale Police Department daily log entries and the daily logs of the Cloverdale Fire Department.


1:53 a.m. Juvenile problem on North Street. Two males and one female on north side of school campus heading east. Reporting party reports they are running in the streets and doorbell ditching. Officer checked school and surrounding area, unable to locate.

3:06 a.m. Neighborhood dispute on Kings Circle. Reporting party reports her neighbor is playing TV loud and woke her up out of sleep, states the issue is ongoing.

8:13 p.m. Security check at business on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party states several subjects in front of address “just hanging out.”


12:07 a.m. Battery on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Officer sees man down, subject states he was assaulted.

4:40 p.m. Attempted burglary on Cherry Creek Road. Reporting party reports a female rang doorbell and then walked to the west on the pathway, side of house.

4:58 p.m. Civil problem reported at Cloverdale Police Department. Reporting party reports female subject squatting in residence and will not leave. Reporting party left prior to arrival. Officer checked residence, reporting party and female subject are not there.

6:01 p.m. Suspicious person on Chablis Way and Vine Drive. Reporting party reports female attempting to make entry into backyards. Unable to locate.

7:09 p.m. Disturbance on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports disturbance between two make subjects.

10:54 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on East First Street. Walk-in reports subject may be inside residence without permission, requests officers check property. Officers responded and contacted subject who has tenant rights.


9:30 a.m. Suspicious circumstances on Josephine Drive. Company hired by PG&E requests assistance from Cloverdale Police Department. Homeowner at this location is throwing rocks at them as they try and trim the trees from the PG&E lines. Officer reports resolved for now.

12:51 p.m. Suspicious person at business on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Anonymous reports a male with a shaved head, no shirt and tan shorts walking southbound on Cloverdale Boulevard from this location yelling and screaming at people.

1:25 p.m. Suspicious person on Vine Drive. Female looking into caller’s backyard and is near the front door.

1:30 p.m. Warrant arrest on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Citation to appear.

8:49 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports subject in a vehicle seems impaired, is driving around parking lot and into street multiple times, honking horn and threatening to fight people who are questioning him. Vehicle last seen in front of the car wash. Officers responded and are checking the area; unable to locate.

11:46 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on Hiatt Road. Caller reports bright light seen over Cloverdale then moved south. No noise and curious if others had called.


9:41 a.m. Suspicious circumstances on Chablis Way. Caller reports truck pumping water out of pond property. Dispatch spoke with public works and the pond is not the city’s, it’s private property.

5:08 p.m. Suspicious circumstances on Mulberry Street. Reporting party reports two subjects possible took something from the yard of a vacant house on Mulberry. A male with short black hair and female with dirty blonde hair were last scene in the alleyway on bikes. Unable to locate.

8:09 p.m. Suspicious person on School Street and North Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party reports male with blonde hair lying on the sidewalk. Reporting party believes the subject is “casing” the business.

9:16 p.m. Suspicious person at business on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports customer appears to have been drinking and is standing in the driveway acting strangely; customers are intimidated by the behavior. Officers responded and contacted subject who has not been drinking.

10:15 p.m. Suspicious person at business on North Cloverdale Boulevard. Caller reports subject is lying on the pavement in front of the business to the right, state they are not responding to interaction. Officer responded and requested subject move along. If not, officers will cite for blocking the sidewalk.

10:33 p.m. Noise disturbance at Vintage Meadows Park on Healdsburg Avenue. Caller reports large group heard at this park causing a lot of noise, like practicing cheers. Requests they be moved along. Officers contacted 18-year-olds who were practicing and agreed to leave.


6:36 a.m. Noise disturbance at City Park on West Second Street. Caller reports noise from leaf blowers at City Park, states it is not a city worker and wants them to stop. Officer responded, no one is using a leaf blower, people in the park are setting up for an event.

10:30 a.m. Warrant arrest on Industrial Drive and South Cloverdale Boulevard. Citation to appear.


7:36 p.m. Agency assist on Portofino Way. Caller reports people going through his property to another property in the county. Caller walked up to the area and there is a full homeless encampment set up. Saw tents, a bunch of junk and chairs, did not see people but appears active because of people coming and going through his property; the only way to enter is through a gate on the reporting party’s property. Dispatch transferred caller to SCSO and reporting party requests deputy contact him.

10:05 p.m. Suspicious circumstances at bank on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Reporting party noticed someone with a white van doing some kind of work at the bank and thinks it looks out of the ordinary. Officer reports it checks OK, working on electrical.

Cloverdale Fire Department


6:31 a.m. Smoke check from old fire at Citrus Fair exit. Smoldering in the burnt area.

1:23 p.m. Smoke check at highway 101 and Citrus Fair Drive. Smoke check on the offramp; smoke was from remains of previous fire.

4:27 p.m. Smoke check at highway 101 and Citrus Fair Drive. Smoke check on the offramp; smoke was from remains of previous fire.

5:33 p.m. Vegetation fire on Moose Road. Water tender requested to assist Hopland with a 300-acre vegetation fire.

6:48 p.m. Smoke check on Portofino Way. Report of smoke seen coming from the north. Only drift smoke from the Moose Fire.

Tuesday, AUG. 13

5:17 p.m. Medical aid on Kings Circle for a female with deiabetic issues. Transported to Healdsburg General Hospital.

5:40 p.m. Vegetation fire on Alexander Valley Road. Assist Geyserville with a vegetation fire. Three acres burned.

9:58 p.m. Medical aid on Elbridge Avenue for a female with abdominal pain. Transported to Memorial.


12:11 a.m. Medical aid on South Cloverdale Boulevard for an intoxicated male fall victim. Transported to Healdsburg General Hospital.

2:25 p.m. Medical aid on Asti Ridge Road for a male who injured his hand. Transported to Healdsburg General Hospital.


8:36 a.m. Medical aid on River Road for a 55-year-old male with chest pains. No transport, refused treatment.

5:19 p.m. Hazardous situation. Vehicle came unhooked from a motorhome; it took out an underground power box. No injuries.

10:04 p.m. Medical aid on Jefferson Street for a 16-year-old female. Coroner’s case.


7:57 a.m. Medical aid on South Cloverdale Boulevard. Police department took him; checked out medical.

8:55 p.m. Smoke check near First Street Bridge. Found a camp fire near the river bank.


1:14 a.m. Public assist on Antonio Street for a 99-year-old female fall victim.


10:39 a.m. Smoke check near Highway 101 and Highway 128. All units unable to locate.

11:58 a.m. Vehicle accident on Highway 128. Assist Andersen Valley Fire with a motorcycle over the embankment. Reach flew patient to Memorial.

1:04 p.m. Medical aid on Sonoma Drive for an 80-year-old male with chest pain. Transported to Kaiser.

5:04 p.m. Vegetation fire at Highway 101 and Highway 128 for a small 0.123 acre spot on the side of the highway. Cause is undetermined.

11:32 p.m. Smoke check on Highway 101 and Highway 128. Report of smoke seen in the remains of the previous fire.

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