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County working to repair issues that have kept pool closed since mid-July

Cloverdale’s pool has faced its fair share of issues this summer, ranging in cause from lack of lifeguard staffing to work being done to install solar panels. Most recently, two more items were added to the list — a sewer line break and leaks causing water loss in the pool. As a result of the last two items, the pool has been closed since July 14.

As of press time, the pool was expected to be reopened on Saturday, July 27, according to County of Sonoma Assistant Facility Manager Eric Herrman. Hermann will be providing an update to the city on the state of the pool on July 25.

The county manages all of the pool maintenance, with the exception of minor daily clean-up, which is performed by the YMCA per an agreement with the city (the agreement details the YMCA’s pool operation between Memorial Day and Labor Day).

The county first repaired a break in a sewer line that runs parallel to the building on the deck of the pool. In order to repair the line, the concrete pool deck was cut, Herrmann said in an update sent to the city. The line was repaired on July 19, and concrete was poured on the morning of July 23. According to Michelle Ling, senior communications manager for the County of Sonoma, any impacts that the broken sewer line may have had were localized.

Additionally, the county found that pool was losing water and the device that maintains its water level wasn’t able to keep up with replenishing it. This led to an investigation regarding the possible cause of the low levels, and three leaks in the pool were found. As of press time, the leaks had been repaired and the pool still needed to be refilled and the chemicals still need to be rebalanced.

The county is continuing to investigate what may have caused the issues and the cost of the repairs have yet to be calculated, Ling said.

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