Caffeine Cafe

CAFFEINE CAFE — When it comes to caffeine, Plank offers a variety of specialty teas, as well as coffee with non-dairy options.



Cloverdale’s Plank Coffee is heading two towns over, to Healdsburg. Plank opened its second location in Healdsburg at the beginning of this year and co-owner Marne Dupere is hoping that the second location will serve as a larger, more sophisticated expansion of the Cloverdale location.

“We are taking Cloverdale as our model and sophisticating it a little bit,” she said. “(Cloverdale) is our home base and we want to respect that.”

The Cloverdale coffee shop opened in 2012 and is co-owned by Dupere and Mike Morisette, who also own 14feet.

The decision to open a second location seemed natural to the owners, who roast their own beans. According to Dupere, once you start roasting your own beans, it doesn’t make sense to only have one location because you already have your own roasting facility.

Though the new shop has been in the works for awhile, Dupere wasn’t sure if they were going to get the location. However, Dupere said that the building’s owner OKed the shop because the owners are “so community oriented.”

What’s different about the second location? According to Dupere, there’s more food and more space.

“We plan on increasing our food offerings with daily specials and interesting vegetarian and vegan food, showing people how good it can be without meat,” she said. “We also have an outdoor seating area.”

“I love the idea of people coming together, and coffee shops are really a melting pot of that,” she said. “Revolutions have started in coffee shops.”

The new digs are located at 177 Dry Creek Rd. Healdsburg’s Plank is open Monday to Saturday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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