Cloverdale Senior Center

As part of its ongoing effort to connect the community, the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center has started hosting “Coffee with the Mayor and Friends,” a livestream with city officials and community members giving updates on the city and debriefing city council meetings.

The first session was hosted on Sept. 10, the morning after the Cloverdale City Council meeting on Sept. 9, and had Cloverdale Mayor Gus Wolter, Cloverdale Police Chief Jason Ferguson, senior center Program Coordinator Melanie Hall, as well as others in conversation.

“We opened for about 10 days and then and to close again in July and really, we’re so concerned about making sure our community members get information, accurate information, they know what’s going on with our mayor, our city council members, our city employees,” Hall said.

Hall added that, after the Reveille stopped printing a physical copy at the end of May, she became worried about how folks who only read the paper in print would stay up to date on city-related issues.

“With the way things have been happening since COVID hit, we’ve had so much information that needs to be out in a real timely manner, so we wanted to provide another way that our information and the city’s information could get out to our community. You don’t have to have a computer, you can just dial-in with your landline and just listen,” Hall said.

During the meeting, Wolter gave a condensed update of discussions had and actions taken during the Sept. 9 council meeting, and Ferguson gave an update on the county’s fire situation.

Hall said that she envisions the meetings continuing throughout the year, and hopefully after the new year (after which the city will have a new mayor).

“The goal here is that this continues on … our hope and his (Wolter’s) hope is that the next mayor will follow through with this too. It really is the city’s intention to get more of their information out to our community as well,” she said.

While the first “Coffee with the Mayor and Friends” had a modest 12-person audience, Hall said that she hopes participation will grow. Like many at the helm of organization making the partial switch to Zoom or livestream-based classes and meetings, she noted that having multiple participation options is an improvement in terms of accessibility.

“We can’t wait to get back to the in-person activities, but what COVID has done is give us this break to start a foundation for other ways to have activities and meetings and perhaps classes for people that are homebound or don’t have transportation,” she said. “It’s just going to be richer by having more ways to communicate and reach out to our community.”

“Coffee with the Mayor and Friends” will be held at 10 a.m. on Thursdays that follow Cloverdale City Council meetings. To dial-in to the meetings, call 669-900-9128. The password is 95425.

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