The Cloverdale Performing Arts Center (CPAC) announced its 2020 theater lineup on Sunday, Nov. 24. The lineup includes five plays that offer a range of  subject matter.

The lineup includes “Talley’s Folly,” “Crimes of the Heart,” “Funny Money,” “The Beard of Avon” and “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood.”


Each play opens on a Saturday and runs on Saturdays and Sundays for three weeks after opening night.

The season begins in March with “Talley’s Folly.” The play begins on Saturday, March 7. According to information provided by CPAC, the romantic drama catalogues the meeting of a Protestant woman and a Jewish accountant who is “determined to woo her.” The play highlights humor and the “humanizing power of love.” It won a Pulitzer Prize in 1980.

On May 2, “Crimes of the Heart” is coming to the Cloverdale stage. With the same plot as its 1986 silver screen counterpart, “Crimes of the Heart” follows three sisters as they reunite to spend time with their family patriarch.

“This play is tough, tender and eccentric — like its characters — and worthy of our attention,” reads CPAC’s description.

“Funny Money” opens on July 18 and tracks an accountant whose life is flipped upside down when he accidentally picks up a briefcase full of money. “Funny Money” is billed as a British farce that takes full advantage of British-style comedy.

On Sept. 26, “The Beard of Avon” opens at CPAC. The tribute to William Shakespeare follows “Will Shakspere” as he flees his country life, wife and chores in pursuit of becoming a poet and playwright.

For its winter play, CPAC will be performing “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” beginning on Dec. 5. This family-friendly play asks viewers to follow the exploits of Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest.

To find out more information about the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center’s 2020 shows, visit

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