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The deadline to file to run for a seat on the Cloverdale Unified School District Board of Trustees has been extended until this Wednesday, Aug. 12. The extension is the result of one of more incumbents not filing papers — in Cloverdale’s case, current board member Cecile Peters has not filed to rerun.

According to the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters, which last updated its candidate liston Aug. 10, there are five people running for three available council seats.

Two incumbents, Preston Addison and Brandon Axell, have filed to run for another term. Addison was first elected to the school board in 2016 and Axell was appointed to the board in May of this year, after former trustee Eric Higginbotham moved out of the district. 

Joining them on the ballot is Gabriela Mendoza-Torres, Ashley White and Johannes J. Hoevertsz. In May, Mendoza-Torres was one of the applicants to fill the board seat following Higginbotham’s departure. Mendoza-Torres is a teacher for the Windsor Unified School District, White works at Tali-Pak Lumber Services and Hoevertsz is the Director of Transportation and Public Works for the county of Sonoma. 

Two members on the five-person school board — Jacque Garrison and Todd Lands — won’t be up for election until 2022. However, Lands is currently running for Cloverdale City Council.

Voter information guides will begin to be mailed on Sept. 24 and mail-in ballots will be received after Oct. 5. Voter registration for the Nov. 3 General Election closes on Oct. 19.

The Nov. 3 consolidated General Election also will include two countywide sales tax measures, a renewal of a tax for transportation projects and improvements and a new sales tax for mental health and homeless services. There will also be a local ballot, asking Cloverdale voters to extend the city’s user utility tax indefinitely, until repealed by voters. There are no countywide seats up for election, but there are numerous local school board and local agency board seats scheduled for the ballot. Nov. 3 is also the U.S. Presidential Election.

Special districts

Both of Cloverdale’s special districts, the Cloverdale Fire Protection District and the Cloverdale Health Care District will have uncontested races, with incumbents as the only people running. 

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