Cloverdale location opened in Furber Plaza on Sept. 1

Fans of fried pastries will have a new place to patronize in Cloverdale — Happy Donuts in the Furber Plaza.

The donut shop, which has sister locations in Windsor, Ukiah and Willits, officially opened its doors on Sunday, Sept. 1.

“We like Cloverdale,” said shop owner Cathy Keang. “It’s a safe town and I have customers coming down from Cloverdale to visit in Windsor. They were always like, ‘we want you guys over there.’”

So, they listened.

Keang said that they secured their lease in Furber Plaza in December, got drawings for the inside of the shop in January, received their permit in April and finished construction at the tail end of August.

In addition to some customers being vocal, they also saw Cloverdale as a good opportunity for a location because the local donut market would have less of a competition, therefore increasing this branch’s likelihood of surviving in town.

The Happy Donuts locations are all family operations — Keang’s parents operate their Windsor location, her brother and his wife operate the Willits location, she operates Ukiah and her husband will operate Cloverdale.

“Our main product is an organic, homemade product,” Keang said. “We have our own kitchens, we have our own prep., our own mixture. Everything is made from scratch and is handmade. It’s not like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts — everything is fresh from scratch at every location. The donuts, the frosting, is freshmade every day.”

Additionally, the shop will be slinging croissants, bagels, coffee and other drinks.

Happy Donuts is located at Furber Ranch Plaza, 1117 C South Cloverdale Blvd. Its hours are 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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