Editor’s note: We are reporting the election outcomes as of Nov. 7, however election results won’t be finalized until Dec. 6. There may still be changes up until that date. 

Six candidates were vying for three open Cloverdale City Council seats and as of Tuesday night, Marta Cruz, Jason Turner and Gus Wolter are set to be elected.

Tuesday night’s election results trickled in starting at 8 p.m., and by the early morning all precincts (three for Cloverdale City Council) had reported in. While vote tallies increased throughout the night, the vote percentages for each candidate remained relatively unchanged. Cruz and Turner garnered the most, and closest, number of votes with 24.8 percent and 23.3 percent, respectively. Wolter received 19.6 percent of the vote.

Cruz is an educator who has also volunteered in varying capacities for elections across the state, as well as volunteered for the Kiwanis Club and Cloverdale History Center (where she translated and transcribed testimonies from Cloverdale’s older Latino members).

“My first thought was being thankful for being part of the race,” said Cruz, when discussing her reaction to finding out the vote count. “People were clapping and hugging me, it’s very humbling. I’m doing this not only as a member of the Cloverdale community, but also as (a member of) the Latino community.”

“I’m here for working people, for youth, for the elderly,” said Cruz. “I think I have the community’s trust and the community support to get things done in Cloverdale.”

Wolter is a 16-year veteran to the Cloverdale City Council, four of which he served as mayor. When asked about his reaction to being re-elected, Wolter said that he’s “really pleased.”

“I feel good and look forward to serving the next four years with Marta Cruz and Jason Turner … Unfortunately, you never know what people think until the polls close,” Wolter said. “It’s a good vote of confidence that (people think) the city is moving in the right direction.”

Turner has been a member of the planning commission since April 2016. The commissioner said that he found out while refreshing the Registrar of Voters’ website Wednesday morning. “I went in and shook my wife who was asleep and said ‘we did it.’”

“I am over the moon,” Turner continued. “It’s an overwhelming feeling — to have that many people share their vote with me is inspiring.”

Cruz, Turner and Wolter were followed in the polls by Jon Lambert (12.8 percent), Michele Winterbottom (10.4 percent) and Shawn Bovee (9 percent).

City council candidates serve four-year terms. The current council consists of Mary Ann Brigham, Melanie Bagby, Gus Wolter, Carol Russell and Joe Palla. Both Russell and Palla did not seek reelection for another term.

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