Shamrock wiring

 On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the Cloverdale Police Department and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office responded to a burglary at Shamrock Materials on Levee Road. According to a statement released by the Sheriff’s Office over Facebook, the suspects stole electrical wiring “from a substantial portion of the facility.”

“The wiring was pulled out from its underground conduits and the wires that were left behind were all cut,” reads the statement. “The damage is so rampant that the facility will need to be repaired before it can be fully operated again. The initial estimate for repair is $100,000, and that does not take into consideration any lost revenue from the inability to operate the facility. The loss in revenue and lost income to employees could greatly inflate that dollar figure.”

According to the post, the Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Investigation Unit was involved in the investigation to locate the suspects, who were eventually found and identified as Charles Allen Polston, 36, and John Roy Hogstett Jr., 24. Both Polston and Hogsett are residents of Lakeport.

Both suspects were booked into the Sonoma County Jail for burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

When the suspects were located, “all of the wiring stolen from Shamrock had already been stripped and prepared for metal scrapping at the time it was recovered.”

“Illegal metal scrapping is a prevalent crime that causes high amounts of loss to the victims. The targets are often construction sites, empty structures and residences and businesses with outdoor operations,” reads the post. “The copper wiring is stolen from the structures and machinery and sold to scrap metal businesses throughout the Bay Area, for pennies on the dollar in value. The metal from $100,000 worth of damage is estimated to have a scrap value of only a few hundred dollars. It is important that everybody take this type of crime into consideration when securing a home, business or construction site.”

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