The John Jordan Foundation announced 116 grants for its 2017 Teacher’s Wishes Grant program across Sonoma County.

The foundation awarded $32,000 to 116 schools and 37 districts and independent schools. Over 9,000 students in Sonoma County will directly benefit from the program.

Teacher’s Wishes is in its sixth year and the foundation received over 320 applications. Every teacher who did not receive a grant was mailed a gift card for supplies. The foundation has already received a thank you note from a teacher who shared that she gave her gift card to a student who was displaced by the recent fires.

Some of the funded projects include technology or books for classrooms, planting a garden to enhance science curriculum, field trips to expose students to college or work places and investments in extra programs to enhance learning, including funding for maker spaces.

John Jordan started the John Jordan Foundation in 2012 and has committed millions of dollars to Sonoma County. The investments went to the following schools:

4Cs Old Elm Child Development Center, 4Cs Wright Start Preschool, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Adele Harrison M.S, Albert Biella Elementary School, Alexander Valley School, Altimira Middle School, Amarosa Academy, Analy High School, Apple Blossom, Archbishop Hanna High School, Bellevue Elementary School, Binkley, Brook Hill Elementary, Brooks Elementary, Cali Calmecac Language Academy, Carpe Diem, Casa Grande High School, Cinnabar Elementary, Cloverdale High School, Corona Creek Elementary, Douglas Whited Elementary, Dunbar Elementary School, El Colegio, El Molino High School, El Verano Preschool, Elsie Allen High School, Flowery Elementary School, Forestville Elementary, Geyserville New Tech Academy, Grant Elementary, Gravenstein Elementary, Guerneville Elementary School, Harmony Union, Healdsburg High School, Healdsburg Junior High, Helen Lehman, Herbert Slater Middle School, Hidden Valley School, Hillcrest Middle School, Hilliard Comstock Middle School, Horicon Elementary School, J.X. Wilson Elementary, Jack London Elementary, James Monroe, Jefferson Elementary, John B Riebli, Journey High School, JX Wilson, Kawana, Kenilworth Junior High School, Kenwood School, Kid Street Charter School, La Tercera, Lawrence Cook Middle School, Loma Vista Immersion Academy,

 Luther Burbank Elementary School, Maria Carrillo High School, Mark West Charter School, Mark West Elementary School, Mattie Washburn Elementary, McDowell Elementary, McDowell North Bay Children's Center, McKinley School, Meadow Elementary School, Miwok Valley Language Academy, Montgomery High School, New Directions, North Bay Met, Northwest Prep Charter School, Old Adobe Charter School, Olivet Elementary SCOE Trec Program, Paulin Creek Child Development Center, Petaluma Accelerated Charter School at McKinley, Petaluma High School, Petaluma Junior High School, Piner High School, Piner-Olivet Charter School, Prestwood Elementary, Proctor Terrace, Rancho Cotate High School, Richard Crane Elementary, Rincon Valley Charter School, Rincon Valley Middle School, Robert L. Stevens School, Roseland Collegiate Prep, Roseland Creek Elementary, Roseland University Prep High School, Salmon Creek, San Antonio High School, San Miguel, Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rosa Middle School, Sassarini Elementary, Sebastopol Independent Charter School, Sequoia, Sheppard Elementary, Sonoma Charter School, Sonoma Valley High School, South County Consortium, Spring Creek, St. Vincent de Paul Elementary, Strawberry School, SunRidge, Valley Vista, Village Elementary School/Matanzas Charter Middle School, Waldo Rohnert, Wallabies Preschool, West County Charter Middle School, Willowside Middle School, Wilson School, Windsor Creek Elementary, Windsor High School, Windsor Middle School, Wright Charter.

submitted by Lisa Wittke Schaffner, the John Jordan Foundation

Editors note: watch these pages for more in-depth coverage of what these grants will provide at your local school.


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