Cloverdale council preview

The Cloverdale City Council will also review a draft MOU with the school district, receive a presentation about the LISTOS emergency preparedness campaign, among other items

The Cloverdale City Council is tackling a busy agenda this week, as it will hold two development-related public hearings, review a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the city and the Cloverdale Unified School District for a school resource officer and discuss authorizing the city to apply for a $3 million grant from the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District’ matching grant program. Additionally, the council will discuss a resolution to increase the scholarship funds for the city’s student liaison position, view a presentation by Catholic Charities about the LISTOS California program and discuss approving the city’s ad valorem tax rate.

The Cloverdale City Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. People can attend the meeting in-person at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, or online over Zoom or YouTube.

Public Hearings

The two public hearings scheduled for Wednesday’s city council meeting bring the city closer to integrating and developing the south end of town. 

At the hearings, the council will consider approving a conditional use permit and pre-zoning for the Payless Storage site at 28243 and 28277 Old Redwood Highway and an initial study and mitigated negative declaration, precise development plan, major design review and a general plan amendment for the Baumgarner Ranch residential project.

The conditional use permit and pre-zoning for the site at 28243 and 28277 Old Redwood Highway is being recommended to the city council for approval from the planning commission following a June 23 planning commission meeting. The 4.55-acre site is already developed and houses Payless Storage, however the property owners are trying to have the site annexed into the city.

The 28.42-acre Baumgardner Ranch property, located at 28195 and 28193 Old Redwood Highway is being proposed as a 305-unit development. According to the council agenda description, the project will contain five sections of housing, as well as preservation space. Included in the project are 79 single family homes, 60 row houses with a community clubhouse, 166 multi-family apartment units with a community clubhouse, 1 existing single-family residence and 6.8 acres of Oak Woodland preservation space. 

The council is also slated to discuss entertaining the idea of a property trade between the city and the Baumgardner side. According to the council agenda, Mayor Gus Wolter approached city staff with the idea that involves the Baumgardner applicant to reduce the number of units and dedicate property to a recreational facility in exchange for the opportunity to develop multi-family housing on Lot A of Thyme Square (Lot A is on the corner of South Cloverdale Boulevard and Healdsburg Avenue). According to the staff report, a full commitment hasn’t been made regarding the trade, and details haven’t been negotiated. If the council is interested in pursuing the concept, they could approve the project at the public hearing with specific amendments. 

In November 2019, following a joint Cloverdale City Council and Cloverdale Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting, Cloverdale Police Chief Jason Ferguson began drafting an MOU for a school resource officer. The city and school district have had a cooperative agreement for a school resource officer position since 1994. The agreement faced multiple revisions over that period of time. The MOU outlines a full-time officer position with a shared cost between the city and the district, with the school district taking on $20,000 of the cost. According to the staff report, the police department’s intent on revising the agreement was to “establish a more robust agreement with specific language outlining the roles and responsibilities of the school district and the police department, and to outline a fee schedule for SRO services over the course of a three-year period.”

The council will be reviewing the draft MOU and can either provide direction on how to proceed, choose to adopt it as-is or give direction to put the MOU on the backburner until more is known about how the role can be integrated during COVID-19.

To view the full council agenda, including additional agenda item details, click here

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