It was pouring rain and chilly on Friday when Lima Transport pulled into downtown Cloverdale with a 384-square-foot pre-fabricated building in tow. The drivers were arriving from a factory in Orland.

Unprotected from the elements in a thin sweatshirt and jeans, Holli Dooley stood in the falling rain and smiled. She watched while the drivers positioned themselves to back the shed into her parents’ backyard.

“I wish my husband was here right now,” she said. “Me and my husband spent a lot of time looking online to find this. We live here with my parents. I’m a full-time student.”

A two-man transport team moved the storage-facility-type building down an alley and finessed it into place. Neighbors peered over the fence to watch, wives of the movers waited with their babies in a white truck, and Dooley kept an eagle eye on the situation as the rain grew more intense. But that smile never left her face.

Her dad was there, too. “For now, this will be a shed for my tools,” he said.

Someday, Dooley hopes it will be a tiny home that she and her husband, Curtis, can call their own. “We’ve been working with the city and know what requirements we’ll have to meet before being able to live in it,” she said.

Dooley said the shed is completely unfinished inside, a blank slate for creating a unique space. The drivers had brochures on hand from the manufacturers, Old Hickory Sheds.

In December, the Cloverdale City Council voted to adopt an urgency ordinance amending the city’s municipal code to include new temporary standards to facilitate the immediate housing needs faced by residents of the county. That included allowing RVs, including tiny homes, to park on private property within all zoning districts. They must be parked a minimum of 20 feet from adjacent property, have direct access to sewer and water systems and require a temporary land-use certificate.

In Dooley’s case, her dad said the property is already plumbed and connected to water and sewer systems.

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