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Where, when and how to watch Cloverdale city and school meetings

One of the flip sides of COVID-19 social distancing regulations is the increased accessibility of local public meetings. Meetings that have always been open to the public are now available to view from the comfort of your own house via live streams or Zoom calls, and more of them are being uploaded online.


City Council

Cloverdale City Council meetings have been streamed live on the city’s council YouTube channel for over a year. However, now, participants who are more comfortable with viewing the meetings over Zoom can do that as well — each council meeting agenda (which can be found here) includes a link to the council’s Zoom video.

Council meetings are still taking place at the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, so community members can make public comment there. They can also, however, make public comments over Zoom or via email, by emailing city clerk Irene Camacho-Werby at Those emailing Camacho-Werby about a specific agenda item should put the agenda item they’re commenting on in the subject of their email. 

According to the city council agenda, those wanting to participate in public comment over Zoom should click the “raise hand” icon on their device (or *9 on their phone) and wait for the city clerk or mayor to address them — then they’ll be unmuted and able to give public comment. 

Cloverdale subcommittee meetings are also available to watch live over Zoom. While most of the city’s subcommittee meetings have been canceled in recent weeks, not all of them have (namely the joint city/school board; planning and sustainability; and police, finance and administration subcommittee meetings). The Zoom link to each meeting can be found on the agenda for that meeting (as of this writing, no new agendas had been released). 

The subcommittee videos for each meeting can also be found at the city’s subcommittee YouTube channel

CUSD Board of Trustees

School board meetings, which traditionally aren’t filmed, have been viewable live over Zoom in recent weeks. 

Unless the board schedules special meetings, the CUSD trustees meet once a month. The trustees ask that those participating in the Zoom meeting have their full name listed as their account name and, if they’re able to, have their video turned on.

Viewers who want to make a public comment are requested to type their name and “public comment” into the comment section of the video.

To see a list of all of the upcoming school board meetings, click here.


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