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Community Easter egg hunt asks residents to put eggs up in their windows

While Easter egg hunts countywide, Cloverdale included, are being canceled, one Cloverdale resident has kickstarted a new kind of Easter egg hunt in town — one that asks residents to put decorated Easter eggs in their windows or in front of their houses or places of business. In turn, parents are being asked to take their kids around town on an Easter egg hunt from their car.

“Basically we have a list of street names so the kids can drive up the street and find how many eggs they find on the street. Once they’ve completed the form they email it to me and they get a prize,” said Kristi Shehan, owner of The Villas Assisted Living and a parent in the community.

Kids and parents are asked to keep track of the number of eggs they see on each street and to turn in a form with the streets and egg numbers listed.

Shehan decided to try and start the social distancing-approved egg hunt after seeing something on social media. After reading about the idea, Shehan floated the idea by her own Facebook friends and in the Community of Cloverdale Facebook page.

“It’s something to do instead of being inside all the time,” she said.

The idea was well-received and in the span of a day, Shehan had amassed a pagelong list of streets that had participating houses — one of the destinations even has a large “golden egg” in the front yard, with a corresponding basket of goodies.

“Families are really getting into it,” Shehan said in an interview on Sunday afternoon, March 29. “We have a ton of streets that have participated — it’s growing every single day. I know there’s over 200 plus eggs out in the community in windows.”

Many people are decorating traditional Easter eggs, Shehan said, though folks are also drawing up paper eggs and sticking those in their windows.

Shehan has put out an updated list with new participating streets nearly every day since the idea was conceived on March 27.

“I think it’s a way to connect the community,” she said.

Shehan took her sons around town on Saturday, March 28 to check out which houses had their eggs up already. She said that they were excited to go out and find the eggs, and that as a parent, she found value in the project because having kids count the eggs also offers a learning opportunity.

Traditionally, the Cloverdale Lions Club hosts an Easter egg hunt for local children in the fields of Jefferson Elementary. However, in a letter to the Reveille on March 30, the Lions announced that they were canceling the Easter egg hunt in an effort to be socially responsible.

People who want to add their street to the participation list can do so by contacting Shehan at thevillasllc@aol.com

The Easter egg hunt form is being updated and posted on Shehan’s personal Facebook page and on the Community of Cloverdale and Cloverdale Moms Facebook pages. The form can also be found on the Reveille’s website (we will be updating it with new streets as often as possible). The hunt began on March 28 and Shehan said it will run until Easter, April 12.


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