Magali Telles

Magali Telles is the first executive director of Los Cien, a latino leadership organization.

Magali Telles comes from SSU’s Latino program

Los Cien, the all-volunteer countywide Latino leadership organization, has hired its first executive director, Magali Telles, a graduate of Sonoma State University and a native of Michoacán, Mexico.

Los Cien Board President and founding member, Herman J. Hernandez, said of  Telles’ appointment, “Through our conversations, we are building relationships and trust to ensure that the Latino community is ‘at the table instead of on the menu.’ Magali’s leadership with Los Cien is helping our organization reach more people and expand these important conversations. After nine years as an all-volunteer organization, we’re excited to have Magali on board.”

Magali previously worked as coordinator for the SSU College Readiness Program and she also founded the Latino Family Summit at SSU.  Magali’s appointment was supported in part by a grant from Community Foundation of Sonoma County.

“We applaud Herman J. Hernandez for his inspirational and visionary leadership founding Los Cien and growing it into the robust network of Latino leaders that it is today,” said Elizabeth Brown, president and CEO of the foundation.

Los Cien now boasts 1,500 members and hosts ongoing programs and forums on social, economic and leadership issues important to the county’s Latino communities. Members include both Anglo and Latino representatives of local government, non-profits and business.

 “I am thrilled and honored to continue serving Sonoma County, a place that has given me so much, “ said Telles. “Through my new leadership role with Los Cien, I am excited to be working with youth and their families and all of our community partners, to continue building bridges and creating pathways for a better community.”


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