Each year, Cloverdale’s American Legion recognizes local first responders nominated by their place of work as EMT of the Year, Police Officer of the Year and Firefighter of the Year. Sherrie McNulty was chosen as EMT of the Year, and answered some questions from the Reveille about her life and job.

McNulty graduated from an EMT program from the Santa Rosa Junior College in 2016 and was hired to work in Cloverdale shortly after — she’s going on her third year working in town.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

I wanted to be a professional cheerleader, and I wanted to be a rescue (swimmer) for the coast guard. I started out my first job with the city of Rohnert Park as a lifeguard.

I went to school at the Santa Rosa Junior College and studied early childhood education and administration of justice.

When did you decide to become an EMT and why?

After helping my grandmother … during her last days of life. She suffered an injury and I was able to spend a lot of time in her rehab and the nurses there, the CNAs let me help out and care for my grandmother. I just really liked being there for her.

I decided to take my first class at the public safety training center in emergency care and I really liked it. I had an instructor that really motivated me and encouraged me to continue on. I was just like, “I wanted to help people” and I was lucky enough to get on with Cloverdale ambulance.

What’s the oddest thing that’s happened while you were out on a call?

Working in the 911 system you get something different every single time you’re called. It’s the variability. One call with the same possible medical problem or situation can be something totally different to another person. Not all calls are the same.

Who do you look up to?

My family. My family is really involved in law enforcement — firefighters, doctors, nurse practitioners — I just really look up to my family.

What do you enjoy the post about working in Cloverdale?

I live here in Cloverdale with my family, and I like to be close by home. I really enjoy the staff I work with. They really took me under their wing and with all of their experience and dedication to health care, I learned a lot and am still learning a lot. We have some of the most dedicated staff.

We’re a really small town and it gives me satisfaction to give back to the community and help when I can.

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