City Selection Committee

Healdsburg Councilmember Joe Naujokas was one of two selected by a board of his peers to represent Sonoma County on the SMART board. Santa Rosa Vice Mayor Chris Rogers was the other selected for the two open seats.

Mayor Melanie Bagby passed up for spot 

Healdsburg Councilmember Joe Naujokas was nominated to the SMART/SCTA board. He was nominated alongside Santa Rosa Vice Mayor Chris Rogers in the only contested nomination of the City Selection Committee's meeting on Jan. 31.

Cloverdale Mayor Melanie Bagby was the other candidate, losing in a 7-6-5 vote that favored Rogers.

Before the vote, Cloverdale Vice Mayor Gus Wolter advocated for Bagby, saying he’s seen Cloverdale left off the map too often. Several other members of the public showed their support. Bagby is also a member of the council association.

Advocating for himself, Naujokas said he is excited for what SMART can do for the county’s transportation. The train is extending north into Windsor. Now, he said Healdsburg is the next step for the train going north and referenced the roundabout that brings drivers off the 101 Central Healdsburg exit to downtown. Running through the intersection is a set of tracks.

“I’m not going to rest until I see a train going through that roundabout,” he said.

Naujokas also received support from fellow councilmember Shaun McCaffery and Mayor David Haegle, who was also a member of the selection committee.

Gracious in her defeat, Bagby seconded the motion to accept the vote. Each term serves for four years.

Healdsburg Vice Mayor Leah Gold and Sebastopol Mayor Neysa Hinton were also selected to the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District Citizens Advisory Committee in an uncontested pair of openings.

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[thumbdown]SMARF (Sonoma Marin Area Rail FIASCO) is the worst financial nightmare to ever hit Sonoma co. Factually, the little choo-choo can't even remove 5 % of the commute hour traffic from 101. /this is a FACT. They new it going in but they hid it from the voters . So we got taken for a ride. And what a ride it is. the MOST EXPENSIVE public rail start up in the USA. The cost per mile is though the roof. Their passenger projections are in the toilet. they do their best on the weekends. this is a little train that could NOT that should be turned into a wine train.We are now paying in excess of $70.00 per day for each and every passenger. A wine train might at least break even. And now, to add insult to injury, the SMARF Board appoints a lady frm NAPA as their chair. Napa DOES NOT pay the same sales tax that we do. They are 35 miles from the nearest train tracks, yet she will be running things. INSANITY


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