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Finance, Administration and Police Subcommittee will also meet Tuesday

Tuesday, Aug. 4 is a busy day of city meetings, with both the Finance, Administration and Police Subcommittee and the Planning Commission meeting. The subcommittee’s monthly meeting will be held at 1 p.m. and the Planning Commission meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Both meetings will be viewable over Zoom.

During the city’s Finance, Administration and Police Subcommittee scheduled for this week, the subcommittee will be viewing a presentation by OpenGov about government data platforms and a presentation from Hildebrand Consulting about the city’s water and sewer rates. The subcommittee will also be reviewing the city’s Memorandum of Understanding with Sonoma Water, its ad valorem tax rate, updating its expense policy and introduction letters to the St. Joseph Health Recovery and Resiliency Initiative (letters to the initiative, which was created to collaborate on community issues related to COVID-19 recovery, were supposed to be submitted by July 31). The subcommittee will also receive an update surrounding the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors discussion of creating an ordinance putting citations in place for individuals and businesses who violate the state health order.

Standing items of discussion for the subcommittee, which may or may not be discussed, include:

  • Community outreach for the My Brother’s Keeper pledge
  • Discuss initial steps for reopening and recovery after COVID-19
  • Update on Sonoma County Homeless Emergency Response
  • Update on Measure P and cannabis permits
  • Update on pension liability legislation
  • Update on development of draft ordinance to address downtown vacancies
  • Local preference policy

The Cloverdale Planning Commission will be reviewing the design, general plan land use map amendment and zoning map amendment for a 21-unit multi-family development planned for 669-679 South Cloverdale Boulevard. The development, named the Taylor Lynn Apartments, is in its second phase. The first phase of housing was completed at the beginning of this year. 

Phase two of the project will sit at a 1.41-acre site that’s currently vacant. The project outlines the creation of 22 dwelling units, with one of them being a detached single-family manager unit. The applicant is also requesting that the city change the zoning of the site from single-family residential and low density residential to multi-family residential and high density residential. The current low-density zoning of the lot would allow four units per acre with a maximum of five detached single-family residences on the lot. High density zoning, however, would allow 16 dwelling units per acre, which would allow them to develop 22 units on the 1.41 acres.

The planning commission will be reviewing the project and deciding whether or not to recommend the initial study and mitigated negative declaration for phase two of the project to the Cloverdale City Council, as well as deciding whether to recommend the approval of the design review, land use map amendment and zoning map amendment to the council. 

For information on how to attend the meeting, click here

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