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A printing press equipment malfunction led to two pages of the July 25 edition of the Cloverdale Reveille to be replaced by two pages of another Sonoma West Publishers newspaper, the Healdsburg Tribune.

Pages 4 and 5 were the incorrect pages. Page 4 included a jump page — a page where stories continue from the front — for the Tribune that had the conclusions of "Murder charge is dropped in Torres case" as well as "DCVCAC tables pot permit." We ask that those interested in these stories check them out in their full context on the Healdsburg Tribune website

The story on page 4 for the Reveille should have been "CHS Key Club reps attend International Kiwanis Convention," which is available below.

On page 5, Rollie Atkinson's editorial is the same. Columns that were to be included on the page were Foggy Mountain Tales, Off the Shelves and Through the Years in the Reveille. All are available online. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Key Club story:

In February, the Cloverdale Key Club sent a check for $7,000 to the Save the Rain organization. This was the second big check written in the past two years, with a total of $13,000 donated by the Cloverdale Kiwanis family to help children in Africa attend school, instead of having to walk for water every day. Save the Rain is a nonprofit that builds rain catchment systems in Tanzania, and positively impacts the lives of thousands, bringing clean water to villages in need.

In March, the Save the Rain organization contacted the CHS Key Club with an invitation. As a thank you to the club for its hard work and dedication, Save the Rain asked if one student and one advisor would be willing to attend the Kiwanis International Convention in Orlando, Florida, at its expense, to be a part of its booth at the service expo being held there. It would mean working a portion of every day while there, spreading the word about how a Kiwanis Club, Key Club and Builders Club have partnered with Save the Rain to do good. They also stated that there would also be some down time, when not working the booth — the other piece of information they shared was that the convention was being held on the Disney World site.

During the last week of June, Lilly Duran, the Key Club President and Save the Rain Chairperson for the 2019 year, and Sue Cummins, a Key Club advisor, flew off to Orlando.

It was a magical week in more ways than one. Of course, there were some fun times at Disney. But, much of the magic occurred during the times they spent at the Save the Rain booth. It was inspirational to meet so many Kiwanis members from all over the world, and to connect with them about the value of service, and particularly about the service they could do for children in Tanzania with Save the Rain.

— Submitted by Sue Cummins, Key Club Advisor

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