TRUE COLORS — Fifty pieces of fabric hung in the arbor of Bolt, which is visible from both a window inside of Bolt and the Cloverdale History Center garden.

Last week when Kate Barrett, owner of Bolt Fabric + Home, walked up to her store on Cloverdale Boulevard, she noticed something different — the collection of colorful fabrics that had been hanging on the arbor of her store had been ripped down.

Barrett isn’t positive when the collection was torn down, though she said it would have had to have happened between 6:30 p.m. on June 28 and 9:45 a.m. on June 29.

While the collection of fabric wasn’t put up specifically in relation to June being Pride Month, Barrett said she doesn’t think that the decision to tear down the pieces was random.

“A lot went through our minds regarding why someone would go to all that effort to tear them down; we don't think it was a random act,” she said. “It brought us joy to have it on display, especially during Pride Month.”


TORN —  Though the collection of fabric was nailed in, an unknown person ripped down the pieces last week, leaving them on the bricks of the arbor.

The pieces were originally put on display because of the beauty that Barrett saw in the fabric collection.

“I carry 50 colors from a fabric collection that I decided was so beautiful that I would like to put samples of it up in our arbor for decoration,” Barrett said. “Two months ago, they were nailed up along a beam where they would be visible from both inside our store and from the History Center garden next door.”

After discovering what had happened, Barrett filed a report with the Cloverdale Police Department. As of press time, the police department didn’t have new information about when or who destroyed the display.

In response to this happening, Barrett said that she plans to install security cameras in the area. To uphold the beauty of the fabric, the 50-piece collection will be nailed back up.

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