Ken Churchill

Ken Churchill says his campaign will focus on fiscal health

Ken Churchill is running for 4th District Supervisor and the Santa Rosa resident said he believes residents are ready to back a campaign that stands apart from traditional special interest politics.

He said he had initially planned to support Tom Chambers, who he had met with and liked but when Chambers withdrew from the race, Churchill felt the need to enter the race to represent individuals who want fiscal management and good governance to be the focus of the campaign.

Churchill said his background as a small business owner, environmental advocate and government watchdog make him uniquely qualified to represent residents of the 4th District who were looking for a different kind of candidate.

“I think there’s a lot of people out there that haven’t really had a candidate to back. The way our elections work, we get two choices, we get the anti-growth backed, union candidate and the business/real estate interest candidate and both of those special interest groups decide who they are backing and give them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our message this time is it’s going to be different,” he said. “We can’t keep electing special interest financed candidates to run our county and I’m the other option.”

Churchill was the last candidate to enter the race, filing just days before the deadline closed but he said his late entry wouldn’t handicap his campaign as most voters have yet to engage in the process.

“I have a lot of events planned to get the word out,” he said. “I think it’s too early to be doing too much earlier than now, other than fundraising and the fundraising will come from our folks when they start getting involved in the election. I’ll have what I need to make a good showing and get my message out there.”

He said his message would focus on fiscal responsibility, long-term stability and good governance.  

He said he became interested in politics when the supervisors chose to scale back on road maintenance. He said roads are a foundation of the local economy, contributing to safety, property values, quality of life and emergency response times. “You just can’t let your roads go and I feel like that was the first job of the supervisors. We think our supervisors failed miserably by not funding road maintenance. The tragedy is that when you let them get to a certain point it costs five times as much to reconstruct them as it does to repave them and now 65 percent of our roads are in that maintenance need so delayed maintenance is going to cost us a fortune and it shouldn’t have. That’s the kind of fiscal mismanagement that we are seeing over and over again.”

While he has several specific issues he will focus on, Churchill said he is far from a one issue candidate. He said his business experience has been in the renewable energy field and he has volunteered his time with environmental causes such as the Laguna de Santa Rosa.

Churchill said his business background would serve the residents well. He founded a solar energy company at 23 and then moved on to an environmental consulting company focused on hazards in construction.

“I have a lot more than just a financial business background. I’m a staunch supporter of the environment,” he said.

In addition to pending public events, Churchill said residents could find more information about his campaign at

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