Adrian_Litman_After Tubbs-.jpg

Adrian Litman with his piece "After Tubbs."

Adrian Litman has two sculptures in the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. Both sculptures were created out of his experience of losing his home and studio in Santa Rosa during the Tubbs Fire in 2017.

“Tame the Fire” is a sculpture representing the great effort in taming and stopping the fires in the Santa Rosa area in 2017 and the Camp Fire, 2018, also in Sonoma County. The sculpture is located on the south side of Citrus Fair Drive near Cloverdale Boulevard. It is 8 feet-by-8 feet-by-2 feet and sponsored by Shelli Byers.

Adrian_Litman_Tame the Fire.jpg

Adrian Litman with his piece "Tame the Fire."

The second sculpture, “After Tubbs,” is a symbolic sculpture representing the building blocks of recovery after the Tubbs fire destruction. The sculpture was executed with left over wood blocks from the rebuilding of Litman’s home and studio. This sculpture, 5 feet-by-4 feet-by-4 feet, is located on the corner of North Cloverdale Boulevard First Street. The sponsor is Carol and Lenny.

In his artist statement Litman expresses his inspiration and fuel for creative expression as contemplating the world around him. He uses abstract and figurative interpretations to convey messages and emotions with sensibility, combining control and passion.

For more information on Adrian and the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, a unique sculpture exhibit in Cloverdale, visit At the web site there is a map with the location of the sculptures exhibiting in the Sculpture Trail, which is a year-round exhibit.

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