Santa Rosa sculptor Michael Seymour is showing his piece Nicki’s Dream on display as part of the 2019-20 Cloverdale Sculpture Trail. 

Nicki’s Dream, inspired by Seymour’s daughter’s love of horses, started with an armature by cutting, piecing and welding steel pipe and tubing, creating a virtual sketch.

Next, the corten steel skin was hammered and tacked and forced in the shape of a grazing horse to be enjoyed. 

Nicki’s Dream is 6-feet-high by 3-feet-wide and 8-feet-deep and weighs 200 pounds.

This sculpture is located at the corner of Cloverdale Boulevard and First Street and is sponsored by Shelli Byers.

Seymour creates his sculptures out of steel.

“Steel is an extremely strong and unyielding material,” he said about working with the medium. “It is only with much thought, planning and perseverance that a steel piece like Nicki’s Dream can be created. Working with steel is not for the timid. It is mind over matter. The sculpture was created with sheer force, a great deal of will and belief in what you are doing. It took me hundreds and hundreds of hours of back breaking work to create Nicki’s Dream.

Take the Otocast’s audio self-guided tour of the Sculpture Trail to learn more about Michael Seymour and Nicki’s Dream. Download the free Otocast app in the Google Play or the Apple App stores to listen to all of the exhibiting sculptors.

For more information about the Cloverdale Sculpture Trail, visit The website includes a map with the locations of exhibiting sculptures, which will be up year round. The sculpture trail is produced by the Cloverdale Historical Society and History Museum.

— Submitted by Joyce P. Mann

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