Crompton spotlight

FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH — Santa Rosa sculptor duo Peter and Robyn Crompton are exhibiting a new sculpture on this year’s Cloverdale Sculpture Trail.

The latest sculpture by Peter and Robyn Crompton is Knight, created using fortified reinforced concrete and gold leaf.

Peter Crompton and Robyn Spencer Crompton, from Santa Rosa, are a creative husband and wife team collaborating on many projects. Peter specializes in the sculptural form and Robyn in mosaic surface design. Together they have created a garden full of surreal sculptural works.

German artists Albrecht Durer’s print ”Knight, Death and the Devil” of 1513 and the horses of Saint Marks in Venice were the inspiration for Peter’s Knight. Robyn completed the sculpture with gold leaf mosaic art, reflecting the iconography of Durer, chess and medieval themes.

Knight, sponsored by Bob Scott and Tim McDonald, is located on the corner of West Second Street and Cloverdale Boulevard is 103 inches high by 60 inches wide and 42 inches deep.

Take the Otocast’s audio self-guided tour of the Sculpture Trail to learn more about Peter and Robyn Crompton and Knight. The fun part of the tour is listening to Peter talk about Knight. Download the free Otocast app at Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy listening to all of the exhibiting sculptors.

For more information on the Sculpture Trail, a unique sculpture exhibit in Cloverdale, visit . Enjoy the exhibit, which is produced by the Cloverdale Historical Society.

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