IN PROGRESS — Construction on Vine Ridge at Treadway Drive is slated to be complete by Oct. 1. The facility will have 58 units.

Vine Ridge Senior Living is wrapping up construction this month.

Vine Ridge, which will have a total of 58 units, sits on the south side of town at 247 Treadway Drive.

Construction for the development Vine Ridge was first approved in 2007, and recommended for council approval again in February 2015 following a redesign that would take its initial 64-unit proposal down to 51 units. The project is the result of Western Living Concepts (WLC), a partnership between Arcata-based Danco Group and Larona Farnum (who manages WLC). WLC runs four facilities in Humboldt County.

According to McKenzie Dibble, project manager for Danco Group, eight of the 51 assisted living units were nixed to make way for 15 memory care units. As it sits, there will be 15 memory care units and 43 assisted living units.

“Memory care is on the first floor only, and the second floor are all assisted living,” Vine Ridge

Executive Director Maria Holleran said.

Holleran comes from a family that has a history of running care homes for seniors, she said. She first began in New York, and moved to California in 2000 where she continued to work with senior living facilities.

For those looking to live in Vine Ridge’s assisted living portion, Holleran said that they need to have the ability to be independent.

“I like to call it ‘independent housing,’ because they rent their own apartment and they need to be independent enough to do that safely. If they’re not, then this isn’t the proper place for them — maybe they need memory care,” she said.

In case of an emergency, assisted living tenants will still be able to call for help, though.

“They need to know when to call for help, they need to know if they’re not feeling well, they need to know to press a button — we have those lifeline alerts that they can wear under their shirts and if they need anything they press the button, and we’re there,” she said.

The alert buttons get sent to the folks on staff at Vine Ridge, rather than 911.

“Our care team will have pagers or a like device that will immediately notify them if an apartment needs help, so we will immediately respond,” Holleran said.

Holleran said that Vine Ridge’s overall go for tenants is to “protect their independence, their dignity, everything’s build on a foundation of safety and it’s senior living — we want to do everything we can to keep them involved and engaged.”

As such, she said that the facility will have numerous areas set aside for amenities, such as a movie theater, on-site beauty salon, as well as a shuttle service that will take tenants to doctor’s appointments or other locations around town.

Vine Ridge is following the trend of assisted living facilities that offer a more resort-styled assisted living experience for tenants.

“When I was little we had nursing homes, and the nursing homes were just lined with wheelchairs,” Holleran said. “We’ve got the baby boomers hitting, and they don’t want anything to do with nursing homes. So we’re looking at making communities resort-style — we’re adding theatres, some are adding swimming pools or bars … everybody is trying to do their best to bridge hospitality in with traditional senior supportive environments.”

The residence’s memory care wing will have a higher staff-to-resident ratio, at approximately one staff member to four residents, whereas the assisted living portion will have one staff member to approximately 22 residents.

The 15-unit section will also have a secured parameter for residents who love to walk, but may have difficulty remembering where they live.

According to Holleran, the month-to-month rent includes three meals a day, daily bed making, various activities and events.

She said that in order to tailor activities to those renting units, the team at Vine Ridge will go over tenants’ interests and goals during the initial move-in process.

“This is a much-needed product,” Holleran said, citing the increasing numbers of baby boomers that are looking for independent living facilities.

Dibble said that construction will be completed on Oct. 1, and that Vine Ridge will be letting residents in throughout October.

According to Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Neena Hanchett, Vine Ridge will be having a ribbon cutting and open house on Oct. 26 at 11 a.m.

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