GOOD WORK — Pictured from top, left to right: CUSD Board of Trustees President Todd Lands, Cloverdale High School Principal Christopher Meredith, Trustee Preston Addison, Councilmember Marta Cruz, Vice Mayor Gus Wolter, Tucker Morgan and Eden Winniford.

At the May 20 joint meeting of the Cloverdale Unified School District and the Cloverdale City Council, the two student liaisons to the city council, Eden Winniford and Tucker Morgan, each received a $500 scholarship for their time spent on the city council. The two scholarships were funded by the Cloverdale Kiwanis Club and Reuser, Inc.

“From my perspective, it’s been a pleasure to have both of you attend our city council meetings and be part of the deliberations,” City Manager David Kelley said. “I hope you find that it was a valuable experience for both of you, and that you take this learning opportunity on with you in the future, and hopefully you’ll return in some fashion to public service.”

Councilmember Marta Cruz gave each student a certificate for their work as a liaison.

Student liaisons attend meetings of the Cloverdale City Council, where they give updates about the school community.

The board also recognized the scholarship sponsors for the program, who were not in attendance.

As a Kiwanis member, Cruz accepted the certificate on the club’s behalf, and thanked the board for allowing Kiwanis to be part of the liaison program.

Recruitment is underway for two new student liaisons for the 2019-20 school year.

In addition to the presentation, Assistant City Manager Kevin Thompson gave an update on housing projects and future growth and the board reviewed a presentation about a potential community counseling clinic, which was redirected to the school board.

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