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FLY IN — Pictured are some of the airplanes seen during the 2017 Cloverdale Municipal Airport open house.

City still working on plan to address February levee break

During the city council meeting on Aug. 28, the Cloverdale City Council approved the budget and awarded a bid for the rehabilitation of the Cloverdale Municipal Airport’s taxiway to Granite Construction.

The project has an overall price tag of just over $1 million, with the construction cost of $849,769 to be reimbursed by the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA). Additional funding includes a construction contingency (also reimbursed by the FAA), a $45,034 Caltrans grant and $55,043 in matching city funding.

City Engineer and Director of Public Works Mark Rincon said that the taxiway maintenance is “standard practice,” and that it needs to be repaired due to normal wear and tear. He estimated that the last repair was around 10 years ago.

Though the city approved the project last Wednesday, it may not be completed until next spring. However, a formal construction schedule has yet to be made.

Rincon said that before the repaving schedule can be made, the city has to apply for the Caltrans grant funding.

“It’s not a lot of funding, but everything counts for Cloverdale,” he said. “It’s just another application —  we’ve gotten the FAA’s OK to fund this project, we’ve gotten the city council’s OK, now basically there’s one more application to get in.”

Following the Caltrans application being submitted and potentially approved, the city has to evaluate weather conditions and account for possible delays. Once the taxiway project is underway, Rincon said it will take 35 days to complete.

Rehabilitating the taxiway isn’t the only work needed at the airport.

When asked about the damage that the airport levee sustained during the February floods, Rincon said that no work has been done to repair the part of the embankment that was damaged by the atmospheric river. However, he acknowledged the need to make repairs to the levee before rain begins again — the city has been meeting with FEMA to discuss temporarily patching the levee break.

The city has been working on project descriptions and gathering specifications for the repair, Rincon said.

“We have to get it out before next winter’s rains,” he said. “Within the next two to three weeks we’re going to get a solicitation out.”

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