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POSTPONED PRODUCE — The Cloverdale Tuesday Farmers’ Market has been postponed due to COVID-19. The market manager and founders are concerned about how the market would be able to accommodate various restrictions caused by social distancing. Pictured is one of the opening weeks of the 2019 Cloverdale market season.

Market directing people to look into market boxes

The Cloverdale Tuesday Farmers’ Market announced May 1 that it would be postponing its 2020 season for the immediate future, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The market was initially rescheduled to begin May 5.

“It’s really a combination of factors — we’re in the process of getting certified, and the logistics of that combined with the new restrictions because of the COVID situation became challenging for us,” said current market manager Shannon Moore when discussing the decision to postpone.

Another factor in making the decision was evaluating the possibility of social distancing in the modest-sized lot that traditionally holds the market.

Moore said the decision was made with Marne Dupere and Mike Morisette, co-founders of the market.

Moore said that those looking to get their market fix will be able to do so with a farm box, which will contain items from some of the market’s regular vendors.

The box will be set up separately from the market itself and is going to be an expanded version of the farm boxes that Moore launched with Lantern Farms owner Rebecca Bozzelli toward the end of March. The boxes included produce from the farm, baked goods from Moore’s Flour Girl business, as well as additional add-in items such as olive oil or eggs.

“The farm box deliveries are not directly associated with the market; it’s a separate thing. We’re just redirecting people to that,” Moore said.

Collaborating with market vendors both allows the boxes to have an expanded reach — a larger pool of items means more items to go around — as well as allows people who usually look forward to Tuesday market goodies to get their fix.

While she hoped to get the separate farm box offering up by the first week of May to correspond with when the market was going to open, Moore said that there’s been some hiccups. Instead, people can sign up to receive a box beginning on May 12.

“We’re going to be switching the delivery day to Tuesday so it helps people who usually go to the market on Tuesdays,” Moore said. The box started with Lantern Farms had been getting delivered on Thursdays.

“We will be launching a new website which will be making the ordering easier and help people find us easier. We’re hoping to have all of those changes made by May 12.”

Right now, the production capacity is 80 boxes per week, with around 50 of those being farm or produce-specific boxes. Moore said that the email list for the boxes has around 200 recipients.

“Everything that we offer has a different limit. I do whole quiches, which I can do 10 of, and I have vegetable galettes which I can do like 70. It varies from week to week, and once we start adding in all of the other vendors, we’ll have more,” she said.

On the high end, Moore estimates that about 75% of the current email list for the boxes is made up of market goers. She anticipates, however, that directing market attendees to the farm boxes will still increase the number of people who sign up.

The boxes will be available for delivery in Cloverdale only, but those who want to pick up their boxes will be able to do so at the empty lot that usually houses the market.

In the interim, until the farm box website gets up and rolling, those looking for updates will be able to find them on the market’s Facebook page, Instagram or on its website.

Those wanting to sign up to be on the farm box email list can email Moore at

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