Shalia Vanderweken

Shalia Vanderweken (center) is pictured in a truck preparing bags for turkeys in 2019. Photo Zoë Strickland

Donations accepted until Nov. 20 to help purchase turkeys, stuffing and pie

Cloverdale’s annual Turkey Round-Up, sponsored by Brenda Vronoski and Shalia Vanderweken of Wine County Real Estate Network is continuing on despite the pandemic, albeit with some changes.

Traditionally, an open house is held at Wine Country Real Estate where folks can donate money or a turkey to the cause. This year, the duo is only asking for money, all of which will be used to purchase food for Cloverdalians in need this Thanksgiving.

For over 10 years, Vanderweken and Vronoski, along with a team of helpers, have handed out turkeys, stuffing and a pie to people at the Cloverdale Food Pantry during its regular hours on the Friday before Thanksgiving — this year, Nov. 20.

In past years, they’ve been able to provide over 100 families with the Thanksgiving staples, with funds left over to purchase Christmas hams. Any additional funds have and will continue to be given to the Cloverdale Food Pantry.

Despite the pandemic, Vanderweken said that they’re planning to hand out around the same number of items, since they only hand out at the food pantry. However, that won’t stop them from filling the need if it’s there.

“If somebody comes along and says, ‘This family really needs it,’ we’ll be sure that they get it,” she said. And, if they run out of bags of food, she said they can always head to the store to buy a few extra items.

Those who want to donate can do so through an account that’s set up at Redwood Credit Union, or they can stop by the Wine Country Real Estate Network office in Furber Plaza, Furber Plaza, 1129 S. Cloverdale Blvd.

Donations will be accepted until Friday.

“The way Brenda says it, she wants to see people have an actual meal over the holidays. Normally at the food pantry you get the staples, but by us doing this they can at least have the turkey and the stuffing and the pie,” Vanderweken said when asked why they continue organizing the round-up. “How gracious people are and how excited people are is just incredible.”

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