Washington eighth grade

Cloverdale eighth graders bid farewell to their time in middle school earlier this month. On their way out, many received awards and hall of fame recognition. Here's the list of those recognized, as provided by Washington principal Mark Lucchetti. 

Hall of Fame

Physical EducationRylee ReasonerKyle Garibaldi
Language ArtsMira TcholakovCarson Clark
MathKryssia BlandinoGrace Kelder
ScienceTylie HatcherDiesel Cavallo
ELDMaritza Lara PenaNoe Jimenez Cruz
BandAva Holley 
Social Studies Silvia NavarroSavannah Lands

Kiwanis award nominees:  Iris White, Riley Patterson

American Legion Award: Tylie Hatcher and Carson Clark

Eighth Grade Eagle Award Winners:

Leslie Garcia and Tess Selberg (third quarter)

Kryssia Blandino (fourth quarter)

Garrett Fogg Award: Tylie Hatcher

Eighth Grade Student of the Month, third quarter:  

Dawson Esquivel, Estrella Ventura, Emily Herrera, Aaliyah Calderon, Toree Hatcher, Jovanny Gonzalez, Samantha Palmer 

Eighth grade students of the month, fourth quarter:

Camila Gonzalez, Nick Beeson, Yamile Meza, Sergio Galvan, Riley Patterson, Angelica Hernandez, Matthew Boyrie, Angelica Cibrian, Arais Rodriguez, Ginger Garrison, Gradin Schweikl, Shasta Vlasak

Seventh Grade Eagle Award Winners:

Tatiana Rodriguez (third quarter)

Dylan Sanchez (fourth quarter)

Sixth Grade Eagle Award Winners: 

Isaac Cardenas (third quarter)

Kylie Blackwell (fourth quarter)

Fifth Grade Eagle Award Winners:

Raquel Victoriano Hernandez (third quarter)

Caleb Gamez Rangel (fourth quarter)

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