Washington School

To help celebrate Cloverdale's local students, we'd like to recognize all of the kids from Washington Middle School who were named Student of the Month and Eagle Award Winner for the month of October.

The list was sent in by Washington Principal Mark Lucchetti. 

Fifth Grade Students of the Month

Marixsel Gomez Carreno

Delilah Driggers

Yasxari Jimenez Cruz

Stacy Quevas Gonzalez

Caleb Howell

Danny Adolfo Espinoza

Maya Lindecker

Jake Thude

Sixth Grade Eagle Award Winner Belen Nieto

Sixth Grade Students of the Month

Sadie Cardenas 

Carlos Gonzalez 

Maria Vazquez 

Ryan Zytewicz Rodriguez 

Jesus Arzimendi 

Brisa Cardenas 

Lianette Guerrero 

Logan Camara 

Jackson Jennings 

Devon Parker 

Kevin Meyers 

Emily Alonso

Chase Tighlman 

Joey Westmoreland 

Alan Vilavincenncio 

Seventh Grade Eagle Award Winner Michelle Figueroa

Seventh Grade Students of the Month

Kylee Vlasak

Isaac Cardenas

Garrett Jennings

Isabel Ramirez

Shane Plato

Aubree Santana

Derian Torres

Caden LaPant

Eighth Eagle Award Winner Annabel Fraser

Eighth Grade Students of the Month

Zayra Garcia

Rowen Angeli

Octavio Camacho

Victoria Alonso

Jackie Meza

Abbey Vizcaino

Logan Glasson

Alexis Jimenez

Gabe Daley

Kaydence Taylor

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