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As the summer closes and autumn looms, the harvest arrives and school is back in session, take advantage of these golden days and beautiful nights to enjoy some music! Sunday afternoons at Kelley & Young tasting room are becoming a veritable feast of music, fine wine and delicious tapas. Follow the music wafting down Cloverdale Boulevard every Sunday afternoon, and treat yourself to something good.

And though this area is known as “wine country,” there is also some truly fantastic brew-craft here as well. Cloverdale Ale Co. always has something special on the board, and they continue to provide a great local venue for musicians and music fans. Thursday, Sept. 12, Jazz Thursday returns for the monthly visit with Big Blue House. They’ve developed a history of jazz approach to the set lists, starting with Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington and winding through the eras, ending up in some funky electric grooves. Miles, Monk, Maceo, Meters, and more — 6 p.m. downbeat. On Saturday, Sept. 14, Jimmy Chardonnay and the Coolers celebrate the harvest with some vintage classic rock. Bring your dancing shoes, as the saying goes. Weekend music at Cloverdale Ale Co. starts at 6:30 p.m., and admission is free.

The Arts Alliance folks probably need a break after a solid summer of Friday Night Live shows, but they’re not resting the whole month. They’ve got Blues Night coming back on Sept. 14 with local blues crew the Blue Lights playing their mix of blues and rock classics. It has a 7:30 p.m. start.

There are also learning opportunities through the Arts Alliance. On Thursday, Sept. 12, the Beatles Study Group gives folks an opportunity to break down the work of the greatest band of all time and learn to play and sing the real parts. Led by Bobby Lee 7 to 9 p.m. Sept. 24 is the Jazz Workshop, offering an opportunity for instrumentalists to begin learning the basics of improvisation in the jazz and blues styles. Don’t be scared off by the word “jazz,” the idea is to start with learning basic blues approach and building from there. After all, jazz came out of the blues! Emphasis is on fun and creativity. Young people are especially encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to learn to express themselves freely through the art of improvisation.

Music education has been proven to facilitate learning and intellectual development on many levels, which we all want to see. Maybe there’s an old instrument gathering dust in your attic or somewhere else in your house. That instrument wants to be played. The Cloverdale Schools Music Campaign is a way to find a home for it:

Support live music in Cloverdale. Remember, they call it playing music, but it ain’t nothin’ but hard work, years of it and having an appreciative, supportive audience is what makes it all worth it.

Paul Schneider lives and writes and plays music in Cloverdale and other Sonoma County venues. He can be reached at

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