The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

November 27, 1909 – 110 years ago

A wild man is said to have taken up his habitat in the mountains near Hopland. Although a posse has been after him several times, so far he has eluded capture. A cave at Squaw Rock, where he is said to live, is reported to contain a great deal of plunder, which he has taken from different farm houses nearby. He is described as being an Italian about 35 years of age with whiskers all over his face and his hair hangs down his back about seven inches. It is said that at the cave there are several passageways leading in different directions, and in all probability plunder is scattered throughout these.

November 13, 1969 – 50 years ago

Visit Squaw Valley. A sweeping view of the high Sierra from one of its highest peaks is an experience that has been usually reserved for the heartiest of hikers and for skiers. However, there is an easy way to enjoy this breathtaking view of the high country – take a ride on the Squaw Valley cable car. The new cable car operates every day during the warmer months and provides a memorable sightseeing trip for tourists and non-skiers. The cable car is a large glass-enclosed vehicle which takes off from the 6,000 foot elevation at Squaw Valley and climbs to 8,100 feet in about 10 minutes.

November 16, 1994 – 25 years ago

Negotiations between the city and CalTrans are continuing in an effort to secure the money needed to reconfigure downtown Cloverdale Boulevard in conformance with the Downtown Specific Plan. Once a dollar amount is agreed upon to bring that portion of Cloverdale Boulevard in the Downtown Plan up to standard, the city can begin to lobby its representatives in the Legislature for assistance in getting the priority for this project established for 1995-1996. The proposed improvements that CalTrans is mandated to make before turning the boulevard over to the city could cost some $400,000. The city hopes to have CalTrans cash this project out and allocate the funds to the city so that the work can be done in conformance with the Downtown Plan. If the project is pushed aside for retrofitting it could be delayed from 2 to 3 years beyond 1995-1996 and the completion of the Downtown Plan would be on hold creating more severe economic problems for the city.

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