June 26, 1909 – 100 years ago

 The largest grape vine in the world is 120 years old and is at San Gabriel, CA, planted by Franciscan friars. The stalk is 1 ½ feet in diameter, 8 feet high, and the branches and foliage cover an area of 5000 square feet. Its average crop of grapes is two and a half tons yearly. It forms the summer dining place of the San Gabriel Hotel.

All persons are hereby notified that it is unlawful to fire or set off any explosives within the corporate limits of the town of Cloverdale. All persons are therefore warned against firing or setting off any firecrackers, sky rockets, Roman candles, or anything of like nature, which might be liable to cause fire by coming in contact with any dry or inflammable substance. This ordinance will be strictly enforced on sight or by information. This means the Fourth of July is the same as any other day. F. P. Conner, Marshal.

June 25, 1959 – 50 years ago

A photographic exhibit, going on tour of the United States and Canada, features the works of an architectural genius, Ralph Maybeck, who introduced California redwood as an artistic building material. Mr. Maybeck is noted particularly for two of his designs, the First Church of Christ Scientist, Berkeley and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, which was built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Maybeck is also considered to be the originator of the so-called Bay Region style of architecture with its open planning, integration of indoor-outdoor areas, and the extensive use of natural building materials such as California redwood.

June 27, 1984 – 25 years ago

Summer time:  It’s time for eating light meals whether at a picnic, alfresco or an elegant dinner party at home. Edmund Rossi, Jr., third generation California winemaker and the originator of Colony Classic wines, has some suggestions to get wine lovers through the hot days. Everyone thinks first of a white wine, well chilled. A good Colony Classic Chablis is especially good with chicken and other poultry dishes. For picnics, when it is hard to keep a white wine cold, choose a wine to serve at air temperature. Zinfandel is the perfect picnic wine – you don’t have to lug around a chest full of ice to chill it. Zinfandel’s full flavor makes it a wonderful complement for pasta dishes, lamb, pork and sausage.

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