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November 20, 1909 – 111 years ago

     From School Happenings:

  •  The ground has been cleared away and gravel hauled for the boys’ workshop and laboratory. The high school boys and the larger grammar schoolboys will lay the foundation of the building tomorrow.
  • The trigonometry class in high school is making a survey of the town. The map will be out in two months.
  • The eight grade boys are thinking of organizing a basketball team. The freshmen girls have organized a kick ball team.

At the bond election held at Preston, the bonds carried for the purpose of bonding the district for $4000 to purchase a school site and erect a building. There was opposition to the purchase of the school site for $1,900.

November 20, 1959 – 61 years ago

There will be no further hearings in Cloverdale on the proposed routes for the freeway, according to word received by the Chamber of Commerce.

The civic affairs committee reported that the committee met Nov. 4 with interested individuals concerning the establishment of a hospital in Cloverdale.

The Veterans Memorial Building committee, at a recent meeting, gave details on the cost, dimensions, etc., of a memorial building for Cloverdale. It is hoped plans will include a swimming pool. The building will be constructed at the present County Corporation Yard on W. First Street and Commercial.

From Off the Editor’s Hook: A power plant on Bodega Head would be a disaster. So would any industrialization of the head. An atomic power plant would be the most dreadful kind of catastrophe. The University of California has expressed interest in putting a marine biological station there. It is an oasis of serenity and beauty in a harassing world. It should be preserved for use jointly as a scientific station and a public park. We hope that as time goes on it will attract a colony of artists, writers and musicians as well as scientists. We have lost The Big Geysers, which would have been a park. We should save the best of our county coastline.

November 19, 1984 – 36 years ago

With the recent formation of a diversified committee comprised of local professionals, Cloverdale will now be better represented and prepared to speak at the upcoming state water board hearings that will determine the fate of the Sonoma County Russian River Water Agency plan. A plan that city officials claim will have negative impact on the river’s stream flow through the Cloverdale area. The agency’s proposal will substantially reduce the rivers flow. During the summer the flow would drop from 200 cfs to 165 cfs. This figure is for a average summer flow, not a dry season that could put the level in critical condition. For Cloverdale the plan could produce a domino effect starting with domestic water use and even afflicting local property values and recreational interests.

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