The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

January 23, 1909 – 111 years ago

Tuesday evening the Board of Town Trustees convened for the purpose of taking up the perplexing question of certain shade trees injuring the sewer system. The Board had considered several plans to protect the municipality against damage to the sewer system. One plan was to pass a stringent ordinance compelling property owners to remove all troublesome trees. Another plan to permit trees to remain upon property owners filing a bond indemnifying the town against damage should the roots of the trees interfere with the sewer system. The trustees wanted to know if the town could pass an ordinance making one property owner responsible to another for damage done to a private sewer. The board’s attorney expressed the opinion that the town cannot pass an ordinance making one property owner responsible to another for damages. As to the matter of the property owner filing an indemnity bond, the attorney also questioned the legality of it. The Board of Town Trustees has received complaints that the street lights were not giving a satisfactory glow. The proposition of the Light and Power Company to increase the size of the lamps to 50 o.p. each for 50 cents per light additional was discussed. No action was taken.

January 22, 1959 – 61 years ago

So that Cloverdale will present a “spick and span” appearance for the centennial celebration during the Citrus Fair, residents and businesses are urged to do a general “clean-up” job. The Chamber of Commerce “clean-up” campaign urges residents to get their yards cleaned, and business places are also asked to get rid of any debris that may be around. Considerable opposition was voiced to the establishment of a flood control district in the upper Russian River, covering the Cloverdale Geyserville area, at the County Board of Supervisors. Most of the opposition centered on the haste of the supervisors in proposing the zone. A number of letters were also received by the supervisors asking that their properties be excluded from the zone because they would receive no benefits from the flood control projects.

January 25, 1984 – 36 years ago

The wine industry in California will grow during the remainder of this decade, but in a highly competitive environment according to California Wine Report. Wine surpluses and plentiful imports will keep prices unstable and profit margins narrow for both wineries and grape growers. Toward the end of the decade an expected increase in wine consumption should improve the financial picture for the industry. The Cloverdale City Council voted to acquire a small strip of land at 4th and Jefferson Streets by the right of imminent domain. The land has been virtually abandoned for years. Too small to be of any use, the land was acquired so that the city can maintain it and decide what will ultimately happen to it.

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