Through the years in the reveille

December 11, 1909 – 110 years ago

At the recent town hall meeting, Sewer Inspector Conner was quizzed in regard to the number of houses in town still unconnected to the sewer. According to Conner there are two or three houses that could not be connected on account of their location. Several unoccupied houses are also not connected.

Contract for the construction of 26 miles of the 108 mile gap in the Eureka line of the Northwestern Pacific Railroad was let today. Work is to begin at once on both ends of the line. The entire extension will cost about $8,000,000.

November 20, 1969 – 50 years ago

Safe and effective drugs, the kind that have been developed in recent years to eradicate or control some of man’s most ancient enemies in the world of disease are products of training and research in laboratories not of massive government regulations. Since 1966, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Foundation has maintained an awards program to stimulate teaching, training and research in the field of clinical pharmacology. The Foundation’s goal; ”Drug investigation is a demanding task and one for which the medical world is not adequately prepared. To meet these demands, clinical pharmacology units have been established. Through these units, scientific drug investigation has attained an important status in many academic centers. As in nearly every aspect of the health field, manpower needs are acute. 

November 27, 1994 – 25 years ago

The first Thanksgiving. History says five women who survived the rigors of the first year in the New World prepared a three-day feast for about 50 Pilgrim men and 90 Indian guests, only a handful of whom were invited. The food served that first Thanksgiving was a matter of chance, not choice. Much of it was unfamiliar to the Europeans prior to their arrival in New England. The Pilgrims had to spend the major portion of their working hours in the growing or collecting of that bountiful harvest that would be rather skimpy by modern standards. The women spent hours, even days, in the open at the Dutch ovens and open fireplaces preparing the meal. One thing about Thanksgiving that has not been changed much — the Pilgrim men, while the women were preparing the feast, occupied their time in sporting events. That day it was the Yankees against the Indians. History doesn’t say who won, and it wasn’t televised, it must have been the first Thanksgiving traditional game.

Hints for Home Makers: To clean stuffed animals whip up a very rich soap flake or detergent suds. Then go over the toys with a vegetable brush dipped in the suds only. When the toys are dry, brush again with dry brush to fluff up the fur.

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