The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

May 13, 1902 – 117 years ago

The Express Saloon is being given a thorough renovation, which presents a very attractive appearance. Such well-known brands of whiskey as Cyrus Noble, Jesse Moore and Cutter are dispensed over the bar. Inferior articles have no room in the Express Saloon. This accounts for the popularity enjoyed among those who imbibe in liquid refreshments.

A post office inspector was in Cloverdale to investigate the claims with reference to moving the post office. The inspector commented that the department was governed by the sentiment of a majority of the people of the town. The petition opposing the moving of the post office contained 156 names while that recommending the change contained only 23 name, would indicate strongly that there will be no change recommended.

April 24, 1969 – 50 years ago 

Cloverdale is on a winning streak: two decades of uninterrupted championships given us by Steve Connolly’s dedication, hardworking, sensitive and disciplined musicians. This is a tribute to our young people’s response to the efforts of a true master teacher, recognized throughout the state as one of the very few real giants among high school band directors. Not only from this area, but from recognized experts throughout the state, has come an unbroken stream of statements of amazement and admiration for the quality and variety of music produced consistently throughout the years. Yet, it is not all those words of high regard that really count, nor the well-deserved cups and plaques, nor the exceptional and superior ratings, but the change which have taken place in our young people: growth of sincere self-discipline, new concepts of value and worth, the myriads of complex skills requisite to musicianship. In short, we have the results of the kind of teaching influence we most want for out students.

May 4, 1994 – 25 years ago

Four local artists have joined together to create a large historical mural to be mounted on the south wall of the Gutknecht Building located at the southeast corner of First Street and Cloverdale Blvd. The four artists are Ed Herman, Cathy Farris, Al Delsid and Marge Gray. The four panels 8-inch-by- 28-inch panels will depict different eras or themes of Cloverdale. An additional smaller panel will serve as a welcoming sign and will offer background information on the four panels and the artists. Once completed the mural will be one of the largest to be displayed in the North Bay and it will become a downtown attraction.

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