The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

March 20, 1909 – 111 years ago

Sonoma County’s Board of Supervisors viewed the road from Cloverdale to the Geysers this week, making the trip on horseback. From the Geysers they also went over the proposed “Hog’s Back” route to Healdsburg. It has been proposed that Cloverdale assist the county in opening this road to the extent of about $300. Healdsburg citizens have subscribed $3,000 toward “Hog’s Back”. The cost will reach $10,000 before the road is completed. Healdsburg citizens will have to dig deeper into their jeans before the “Hog’s Back” road is a reality. In any event, the road from Cloverdale to the Geysers will not be abandoned.

March 12 1970 – 50 years ago

Editorial: The Fable of the Hippopotamus. Once upon a time in not so very ancient South Africa some tidy-minded and progressive individual or agency decided that the hippopotamus was an ungainly, unproductive beast that merely was taking up good river space. The creature would have to go. Orders were to shoot on sight and a goodly number was polished off in this manner. Soon it was noted that people were becoming very ill with a disease that left them weak and miserable. This disease was labeled schistosomiasis and was found to be cutting as wide a swathe in public health as had malaria 50 years before. Some wise man (i.e. health scientist) then discovered that the poor unoffending hippo had really been a prince in disguise, a friend and benefactor who should have been cherished instead of shot. For you see, it was the hippo’s floundering around in the river taking his mud beauty bath that had kept the river silt in motion.

March 15, 1995 – 25 years ago

Since the last major storm ins January, Cloverdale residents, city officials an public works crews had a good idea where the problem areas were going to be and were well prepared for a weather forecaster’s prediction the storm was going to hit even harder. The storm dumped 5.85 inches of water in this area. Third Street once again suffered flooding. This time the city had the sand bags still in place from the January’s flood and the Cloverdale Creek was kept within its banks. On Thursday morning Cloverdale residents saw a sight they had never seen before. An underground creek pushed up through the metal doors of storm drain and tore down the Boulevard. The stream closed the right hand south bound land and water spilled onto sidewalks swirled around new tree planters and creeped menacingly towards the doors of businesses. Sand bags were placed in front of the doors as a precautionary measure. What caused the creek to surge upward rom its underground passage was a clogged line somewhere? Debris and brush get in through the storm drains.

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