Citrus Fair history

The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

February 10, 1906 – 112 years ago

The work of building the large addition to the Citrus Fair Pavilion is now almost completed. The entire building has been thrown into one making it an ideal pavilion for fair purposes or for holding conventions. The inside measurements of the building are approximately 80-by-200 feet. In or near the center will be located the bandstand and that part of the pavilion to the rear of the stand will be devoted to displays of various kinds and refreshment booths. The art gallery will be given ample space on the north side. All available space in the new addition to the pavilion has already been taken.

The stockmen and railroads have a powerful lobby in Washington endeavoring to pass a bill extending the time that cattle may be held on cars without food or water from 28 hours, as under the present law, to 36. Protests are pouring in from all parts of the United States against the passage of the bill.

January 23, 1969 – 50 years ago

Pfc. Terrill L. Stringfellow of Fort Hood, Texas takes his art and the Cloverdale Citrus Fair Art Show seriously. Artist Stringfellow has exhibited at the Cloverdale Show for the past four years, but this year finds himself stationed with an armored division at a Texas military installation, which poses some real problems for him in terms of distance. Not to be deterred, Stringfellow, with the cooperation of the military powers, has arranged to return to his home in Healdsburg in February in time to meet the deadline for entry applications for the Citrus Fair Art Show.

The Cloverdale City Council discussed the proposed hotel room occupancy tax tor Cloverdale at its recent meeting. The tax will be five percent to be collected quarterly with the City providing the necessary forms. Under the ordinance the motel owners records would be open to audit if necessary. The monies collected from the tax will be used for community promotion and public relations.

February 9, 1994 – 25 years ago

Cloverdale’s 30-year wait is finally coming to an end. Wednesday, March 2 at 10 a.m. a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place officially opening the Cloverdale 101 Bypass. For this momentous occasion, there is a chance that Governor Wilson will attend. Immediately following the Ribbon Cutting there will be a Grand Opening Parade with only official vehicles allowed. However, bicyclists, walkers, runners and skaters will be welcome. “Take Back the Street” Celebration is to be held in conjunction with Black Bart Days in mid-May.

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