The following items are selected from archived issues of the Cloverdale Reveille.

February 14, 1909 – 111 years ago

A “testamentary paper” found in the desk of the late Madam Preston, head of the Free Pilgrims’ Covenant Church and founder of the Preston colony, was filed for probate in superior court today. It decrees that her $125,000 estate at Preston shall go to the church. She decrees that if any of the numerous heirs of her family or her dead husband’s family, claim anything from her property, they shall get a dollar each. The Madam further prescribes the form of worship she wishes followed in the Preston Church, and urges that only devout members of the church be permitted to speak at services. She advises against “hiring preachers as that is a bad thing.”

February 4, 1970– 50 years ago

The Board of Directors of the Cloverdale Chamber voted unanimously in favor of recommending the removal of poles and the installation of underground wiring within the street widening area of downtown Cloverdale. The Board members felt the underground wiring is necessary for the betterment of the entire city of Cloverdale, both at present and in the future development and growth of the community, and that action should be taken before the allocated monies become unavailable here and may to be used another town.

February 8, 1995 – 25 years ago

Divers began work 250 feet below the surface of Lake Sonoma in an effort to open the 12 ton flood gate at Warm Springs Dam. Flood control releases were stopped Jan. 25 when the hydraulic system holding open the gate failed and it slammed shut. The cost of the operation is estimated at $300,000, and the three divers at a cost of $42,000 a day. Wearing deep sea diving suits and hard hats and breathing a mixture of helium and oxygen, the divers jumped off a huge barge descending 250 feet in increasing darkness to the bottom of the lake. Their task was to inspect the one and one half inch hydraulic line suspected of failing. Because the water was so dark and murky, air had to be pumped through the lines and divers had to find the leak by feeling with their hands. The divers worked off a huge barge carrying two decompression chambers, several other workers and equipment. The divers found that a seal at the bottom of the cylinder that raises and lowers the gate failed. The divers hooked a wench on to the gate and removed it to allow water out. Before the gate slammed shut, water was being released at approximately 2,500 cubic feet per second (cfs). After it closed, the flow was redirected at a rate of 470 cfs. The water of the lake would have to raise 20 feet and cover 60,000 acre feet area before it could reach the spillway. After the gate was removed the flood control releases were gradually increased to 3,000 cfs per second.

Directors of the Cloverdale Hospital District have decided to proceed with construction of a new building on the corner of Second and Main. The district will upgrade the house now occupying the property and will apply to the City for a lot split. The house will be sold to raise funds to finance the new construction. And, sale of the District’s existing building will also provide money to finance the new construction. The facility will have a two bay garage for the ambulance and a second ambulance when acquired. Office space will be included and an apartment on the second floor will enable the district to have a crew on line 24 hours a day. Closure of the District’s toxic clean-up project is expected any day. The District discovered, after purchase of the Main St. property, that an underground gas tank had to be removed at a cost of some $25,000. To pay for this lean-up the District voters approved an $18 a year assessment. The District remains financially sound and has been able to reduce ambulance charges this year by $25 per run. The District’s charges remain among the lowest in the County.

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